Commercial and banking credit network in Uruguay

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Banco Central del Uruguay
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June 2020
Paper author(s): 
Andrea Barón
María Victoria Landaberry
Rodrigo Lluberas
Jorge Ponce
Financial Economics

We build a commercial credit network, identify the most central economic sectors in terms of commercial debt, and provide a more complete idea of total indebtedness and financial interlinks between firms and banks in Uruguay. "Commerce", "manufacturing" and "transportation, storage, and communication" are the most central sectors in the commercial credit network. In a stress testing exercise, "transport, communication and storage" and "hotels and restaurants" are deeply affected in all cases. These sectors are the most exposed in terms of contagion. "Commerce" and "manufacturing" are central and have the highest level of indebtedness, but they have a large amount of liquid assets, that allows them to overcome shocks coming from other sectors.


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