Safeguarding Against a Reversal in Social Gains During the Economic Crisis in Brazil

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The World Bank
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January 2017
Paper author(s): 
Emmanuel Skoufias
Shohei Nakamura
Renata Gukovas
Financial Economics

This note summarizes the findings of the analysis carried out regarding the poverty and inequality impacts of the ongoing economic crisis in Brazil in 2016 and 2017. The first objective is to get an estimate of the extent to which the deteriorating macroeconomic conditions and shrinking labor markets in Brazil will impact on poverty and inequality. The second objective is to generate a detailed profile of the new poor associated with the crisis. The third and final objective is to get estimates of the additional budget needed for the Bolsa Familia Program to effectively mitigate the poverty impacts of the crisis and protect the past achievements of Brazil in poverty and inequality reduction until the necessary structural reforms take place in Brazil and the engines of growth are reignited.


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