Gender Gaps in Access to the Mortgage Market of Ecuador

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Inter-American Development Bank
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June 2021
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Carmen Hernández
Nora Libertun
María Elena Acosta
Gender Economics

Ecuador had a projected population of 17,510,643 inhabitants in 2020; 50.5% are women (8,844,706) about 25% of  whom live in  poverty and moderate poverty (2,211,177); consequently, they face the challenge of obtaining adequate housing, especially if they have to access a home loan to achieve this. One of the challenges for governments has been to ensure that vulnerable families have access to affordable and decent housing, as established in the 2008 Constitution of the Republic. During different governments, the State has created institutions and implemented social housing programs and projects (VIS) to carry out this mandate. As part of the National Soc ial Housing Program Casa para Todos (Home for All) (CPT), on July 12, 2019, the government signed loan agreement 4788/OC -EC with the Inter - American Development Bank (IDB) to finance the project Housing Solutions for Poor and Vulnerable Households (EC -L1245) to increase access to decent housing by Ecuadorian households in condition of poverty or vulnerability. The executing agency is the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (MIDUVI).


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