The green future of electricity: The case of Uruguay and The European Union

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April 2019
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Diego Aboal
Manuel Garcia Goñi
Martin Pereyra
Luis Rubalcaba
Gonzalo Zunino
Institutions and Development

The objective of this paper is to understand the policy and regulation changes in Uruguay and the European Union that led to the adoption of non-conventional renewable sources of energy in a short time span. Uruguay is one of only 3 countries in the world with more tan 90% of the electricity coming from renewable sources (98% in Uruguay) and where nonconventional renewables provide a significant contribution to it. Uruguay has also recently launched the first electric route in Latin America, with 500 Km and charging stations at 60 Km intervals. The European Union is an international reference in the promotion of sustainable economic growth and sustainable development. Therefore, we will also look at the experience of the European Union in the development of a green agenda where renewable sources of energy are a fundamental part of it.


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