Medical Brain Drain and Life Expectancy: A Comparative Analysis between Arab, American and Asian Countries

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December 2016
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Mohamed Kouni
Education - Health

Purpose: In this paper we use the most recent database on medical brain drain (estimated by Bhargava, Docquier and Moullon in 2010) in order to analyze the consequences ofincreasing medical migration flowson human development, in particular on life expectancy in three developing country groups. Methodology: Our aim is to study the quantitative and qualitative effect of medical brain drain (MBD) on life expectancy in the Arab, Asian and American countries. Findings: The results showed that the MBD has an important and significant quantitative effect on life expectancy in Arab and Asian countries. Indeed, the elasticity of life expectancy with respect (1+MBD) is positive and significant at 1% level in all regressions for the two groups. Nevertheless, this relationship is not clear for central and Latin American countries where elasticity is not significant in two among three regressions. Moreover, the qualitative MBD effect is negative for all countries in the three groups. Recommendations: Therefore, there is a need for the majority of these countries to change both their labor and emigration policies. This can be achieved by a veritable incentive policy and by reinforcing networks between emigrant physicians and their origin society.


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