The Most Miserable and the most Blissful Individuals in Brazil

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December 2014
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André Braz Golgher
Raquel Zanatta Coutinho
Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness

This paper is the last of a series of five papers that discuss factors associated with well-being in Brazil using the World Values Survey (WVS) .The paper has three main objectives. The first is to compare descriptively the most blissful and most miserable individuals in Brazil in the year of 2006. Then, the paper defines the profiles among the Brazilian population and amongst these groups in regard to their responses to self-evaluated health status, marital status, unemployment status, importance given to family, self-determination, religiosity, thick trust and self-evaluated financial situation using Latent Class analysis. Based on these variables, we defined three profiles for the most miserable in Brazil entitled the financially poor, the unhealthy distrustful, and the lonely. For the most blissful, we obtained four profiles: the healthy, the self-determined unhealthy and financially poor individuals, the generalized blissful and the self-determined distrustful individuals. After this, we investigated which socio-demographic aspects are associated with the distribution of individuals among the different profiles using multinomial logistic models.


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