Peer pressure and externalities: Evidence from a field experiment

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Universidad de San Andrés
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December 2015
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Bruno Cardinale Lagomarsino, Matías Gutman, Lucía Freira, María Laura Lanzalot, Maximiliano Lauletta, Leandro E. Malchik, Felipe Montaño Campos, Bianca Pacini, Martín A. Rossi & Christian Valencia
Education - Health

We provide experimental evidence on the effect of peer pressure on activities with externalities. Specifically, we study the effect of being exposed to an observer in a public restroom on hand-washing behavior. Our estimates show that being exposed to an observer increases the probability of hand-washing in 13 percentage points. We also observe urinal flushing behavior, with similar results. We find empirical support that peer pressure may provide an additional way of solving the social suboptimality arising from externalities.


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