From Dominant to Producer Currency Pricing: Dynamics of Chilean Exports

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Universidad de Chile
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January 2023
Paper author(s): 
José De Gregorio
Pablo García
Emiliano Luttini
Marco Rojas
Globalization - Trade

We revisit a central question for international macroeconomics: The response of export prices and quantities to movements in the exchange rate (ER). We use a comprehensive dataset for Chile and study how the effects vary over time with the currency of invoicing and the destination of exports. For prices, we find that the short-run effects of bilateral ER movements vanish when we control for U.S. dollar ER, which supports the dominant currency paradigm. The longer the horizon, the larger the role is played by bilateral ER movements, which lends support to producer currency pricing. The dynamics do not depend on the invoicing currency. We find consistent results for quantities, supporting the view that bilateral exchange rate movements contribute to macroeconomic adjustment through exports. We also find that U.S. dollar fluctuations, holding bilateral exchange rates constant, show results suggestive of relevant supply and demand effects.


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