Public Service Innovation: Solid Waste Sector from the Perspective of Clean Development Mechanism Land

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January 2016
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Silvia Cruz
Sonia Paulino
Faïz Gallouj
Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics

This paper is devoted to public services innovation in the municipal solid waste sector. It analyses the implementation of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in the Bandeirantes and São João landfills in the municipality of São Paulo, Brazil. The study is based on the concept of Public-Private Innovation Networks in services (ServPPINs). Using the ServPPIN concept it was possible to identify competence gaps affecting the stakeholders involved in these CDM projects. We focus in particular on those organisational and relational competence gaps that are likely to weaken innovation feasibility in services related to solid waste. In fact, innovation is closely linked to the development of new competences among service providers and users. For the most part, these will arise out of changes in interactions between actors - given that the projects in question include the coordination of various actors (public, private, and citizen).


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