The evolution of the work-family field: Gaps and missing links as opportunities for future research

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December 2014
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Katherina Kuschel

What are the current critical gaps in the work-family (WF) field that may have potential for future research opportunities? This comprehensive review presents a synthesis and critique of the evolution of the existing WF literature from 1985 to the present, emphasizing papers since 2005 in order to highlight the gaps and limitations in current research. Our study classifies the current research into five broad themes: (1) definitions, (2) theories, (3) antecedents and outcomes of WF conflict and enrichment, (4) WF policies, and (5) methodological approaches. Future research opportunities in the field include a deeper understanding on how to cope effectively when WF conflict, how to achieve WF enrichment, how do different type of employees experience the WF interface, and how can researchers address methodological problems (causality, endogeneity, simultaneity, effect size and self selection bias) to better handle the complexity of WF issues.



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