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Organization: Research Institute for Development, Growth and Economics (RIDGE)
Event: Workshop on Economic History, Energy and Natural Resources
Submission Deadline: March 31, 2017
Description: The Research Institute for Development, Growth and Economics (RIDGE) is pleased to announce a call for papers for the Workshop on Economic History, Energy and Natural Resources to be held in Montevideo, Uruguay, on 26-27 May 2017. The deadline for submission is March 31, 2017 (12 AM ET). RIDGE invites to send papers to this economic history workshop on all subjects of economic history provided they are particularly concerned with developing regions. The workshop will be organized in two different sessions: the first one will be open to different topics of economic history, while the second one will focus on energy and natural resources in the economic history of developing regions. 
Elegibility: Full papers, written in English, must be submitted for consideration for the workshop via de RIDGE website: Each author can submit and present at most one paper per workshop (submission of papers to other workshops is possible) vía the following web-page.
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Event: 7th Annual Meeting
Submission Deadline: April 1, 2017
Description: LACEA’s America Latina Crime and Policy Network (AL CAPONE) is pleased to announce a call for papers for the seventh Annual Meeting, to be held in Santiago - Chile, on June 15th and 16th 2017.  
Elegibility: We particularly encourage contributions on the following topics: Analysis of illegal and underground markets; Evaluation of crime-related policy interventions; Political economy of crime control; Consequences of crime and violence on socio-economic outcomes; Determinants of crime and violence: guns, enforcement, demography, labor markets, etc; Crime and human capital formation; Crime and labor markets; Determinants of the perception of Violence; Criminal justice and recidivism. Articles on topics relevant to Latin America are particularly welcome. Full papers written in English, must be submitted for consideration for the meeting. The cover page should include: the title of the paper, institutional affiliation, including address, phone and email of each author and an abstract with the appropriate JEL classification. Each author can submit and present at most one paper. Full papers, in PDF format, should be sent by the deadline to: Nicolás Grau (
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Organization: Research Group in Economic Analysis, Universidade de Vigo
Event: XXII Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics
Submission Deadline: April 9, 2017
Description: It is a pleasure to announce the XXII Workshop on Dynamic Macroeconomics. This year the workshop will be held at the Castle of Soutomaior (Pontevedra, Spain) from July 4 to July 6, 2017. It will be organized by the Research Group in Economic Analysis, Universidade de Vigo. The aim of the Workshop is to offer young researchers interested in macroeconomic issues a forum for the presentation and discussion of research papers representing current advances in macroeconomics. Both theoretical and empirical papers are welcome.  
Elegibility: Interested scholars should send a copy of the paper they wish to submit and an abstract, in electronic form as pdf file, no later than APRIL 9, 2017 to: Jaime Alonso-Carrera ( and The front page of the paper should clearly indicate: the precise title of the paper, names and affiliations of the authors, the name of the author to whom any information concerning the meeting should be sent, contact address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address.
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Organization: Research Institute for Development, Growth and Economics
Event: VI RIDGE Summer School in Economics
Submission Deadline: April 14, 2017
Description: The Research Institute for Development, Growth and Economics is pleased to
announce its VI RIDGE Summer School in Economics to be held in Mexico City 19 - 23 June 2017, alongside with the IEA Eighteenth World Congress. The Summer School is jointly organized with the International Economic Association (IEA) and the Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE). The Summer School will consist of 4 lectures by top scholars. In addition to attending the lectures, students will be able to participate of all sessions of the IEA World congress.
Elegibility: The Summer School targets outstanding graduate economists worldwide enrolled in graduate programs in economics. Priority will be given to Latin American students. Interested students should submit their application via the RIDGE website. Applications must include a short CV (2 pages maximum), transcripts and a letter of recommendation from a supervisor. A Committee, following standard criteria, will make the selection according to: GPA, publications and awards, a letter of recommendation and work experience.
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Organization: Javeriana University and The Colombian Central Bank
Event: First workshop on urban and regional economics
Submission Deadline: April 16, 2017
Description: The Economics Department at Javeriana University and the Colombian Central Bank are delighted to host their first workshop on urban and regional economics to be held in Bogota, Colombia, the 27th,28th, and 29th of June 2017. The workshop aims to provide researchers with a space for presenting and discussing research on urban and regional economics..
Elegibility: The program will include key note presentations from invited speakers and policy makers. Format Accepted papers will be presented in parallel sessions. We will assign one discussant to every paper in its field of expertise, so each person accepted will have the responsibility to present and discuss one paper. Submission We encourage PhD students and scholars to submit papers or extended abstract ( 400 words) about their original research by April 16th, 2017 to
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Organization: División de Competitividad e Innovación del Banco Interamericano del Desarrollo
Event: 1ª Conferencia de la Red Latinoamericana de Economía de la Innovación y el Emprendimiento
Submission Deadline: April 16, 2017
Description: La División de Competitividad e Innovación del Banco Interamericano del Desarrollo invita a enviar sus trabajos de investigación en el ámbito de la economía de la innovación y el emprendimiento para la "1ª Conferencia de la Red Latinoamericana de Economía de la Innovación y el Emprendimiento", que se realizará en Washington D.C. los días 20 y 21 de Julio del 2017. Los trabajos seleccionados contarán con comentarista y la Red proveerá financiamiento parcial para viaje y estadía.
Elegibility: Se considerarán, especialmente, trabajos empíricos en los siguientes temas: Compras públicas e innovación; Industrias creativas; Barreras a la innovación; Emprendimiento e innovación; Capital de riesgo; Innovación social; Evaluación de programas de emprendimiento e innovación; Competencia e innovación; Regulación e innovación. Una sesión de la conferencia será destinada a profesionales jóvenes, habiendo terminado recientemente su doctorado o trabajando en sus tesis. En tales casos, se incentiva el envío de trabajos aun en progreso a través de un resumen extendido.
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Organization: Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL)
Event: International Economics Congress
Submission Deadline: April 30, 2017
Description: The fifth edition of the Congress will take place in Guayaquil and will be hosted by the Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanísticas (FCSH) at Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL) on July 26-28, 2017.
Elegibility: Students, professors, and researchers are invited to submit abstracts, papers, and applications for organizing special sessions. Completed papers will be eligible for publication in the Compendium Journal of the Faculty of Science and Humanities at ESPOL, indexed in Latinindex and Dialnet. In this edition the main focus of the Congress will be devoted to labor markets, public investment, and quantitative economics. Nevertheless, submissions on other topics in economics are welcome.
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Organization: University of Minho - Campus de Gualtar | EEG
Event: PhD Workshop in Economics
Submission Deadline: May 8, 2017
Description: The Directing Committee of the PhD in Economics, jointly offered by the University of Minho (UMinho) and the University of Coimbra (UC), is pleased to announce the “Fifth PhD Student Workshop in Economics” on the 16th of June 2017.
Elegibility: Articles in all related fields of Economics will be considered. The workshop accepts articles by PhD students from Portuguese and foreign universities, and will consist of oral presentations of selected papers followed by a discussion by the attendees. Sessions will take place at the School of Economics and Management (UMinho). Papers and oral presentations should be in English.
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Organization: Annual Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association and Latin American Meeting of the Econometric Society​
Event: LACEA-LAMES 2017
Submission Deadline: June 5, 2017
Description: The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA) and the Latin American Meeting of the Econometric Society (LAMES) will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from November 9 - 11, 2017, hosted by Universidad de San Andrés (UdeSA). The two meetings will run in parallel, sharing a single local organizing committee. By registering for LACEA-LAMES 2017 participants will be able to attend all sessions of both meetings.
Elegibility: Please note that authors may only present one paper in each track (LACEA and/or LAMES), but the same paper cannot be submitted to both tracks. However, each person is allowed to be co-author of several papers presented. Papers can only be submitted electronically through the LACEA-LAMES 2017 ExOrdo System. All papers and abstracts must be written in English and submitted electronically in a single PDF file with a maximum size of 5MB. No other format will be accepted.
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Organization: Asobancaria
Event: 29° Simposio de Mercado de Capitales
Submission Deadline: June 30, 2017
Description: Asobancaria como gremio propositivo e innovador se ha propuesto ampliar y fortalecer sus vínculos con la academia, razón por la cual hemos decido realizar nuestro primer Call for Papers en el marco del Simposio de Mercado de Capitales de 2017, iniciativa con la que se pretende difundir las mejores investigaciones de frontera acerca del sistema financiero. Estos trabajos, caracterizados por su alto nivel académico, pertinencia y rigurosidad, además de ser reconocidos en el evento de 2017, serán publicados en las memorias del Simposio.
Elegibility: La convocatoria se encuentra abierta para profesores universitarios, estudiantes de posgrado y profesionales en los programas de finanzas, ingeniería industrial, actuaria, economía, ingeniería financiera y demás áreas afines.
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Organization: Universidad Nacional del Sur (Argentina)
Event: Convocatoria de trabajos inéditos para los próximos números de la revista Estudios Económicos
Submission Deadline: none specified
Description: El Departamento de Economía, Universidad Nacional del Sur (Argentina) inicia una nueva convocatoria de trabajos inéditos para los próximos números de su revista Estudios Económicos [ISSN: 0425-368X (documento) 2525-1295 (en línea)]. Estudios Económicos es una publicación semestral especializada en Economía. Desde 1962 publica investigaciones originales en todas las ramas de la Economía y aspectos relacionados de Sociología, Historia y otras disciplinas. La revista publica artículos en español, inglés o portugués.
Elegibility: Los criterios de evaluación son principalmente la calidad y la originalidad. Los trabajos deben seguir las pautas de presentación establecidas por el consejo editorial. Todas las contribuciones pasarán por un proceso de revisión por pares de doble ciego. Se recomienda a los autores que se pongan en contacto con: Dr. German González (Director, desde febrero de 2017)  o Lic. Florencia Arnaudo (Secretaria)
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Organization: Vernon Press
Event: Call for reviewers
Submission Deadline: none specified
Description: Do you enjoy reading books in economics, social science, humanities? Join our community of book reviewers! To join you must be an expert in one of the areas we publish (see list here) and be prepared to review at least one book every two years.
Elegibility: To join please send a brief message expressing interest to: In your message please mention your full name, academic affiliation, area(s) of expertise, and provide either a paragraph-long biographical note (and/)or a list of publications.
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Organization: Ecos de Economía
Event: June 2017 issues
Submission Deadline: none specified
Description: Ecos de Economia is an international journal (peer-reviewed) of applied economics, with a particular interest in the quantitative analysis of economic, financial, and public policy issues and/or themes related to Latin America. The journal is currently seeking manuscripts for its December 2016 and June 2017 issues, but articles will be published online as soon as they are in final published form. Articles ideally should include a valid conceptual model and an empirical test of the model. The journal prefers articles in English but also accepts articles in Spanish. Ecos de Economía is managed by the School of Economics and Finance of Universidad EAFIT in Medellin, Colombia.
Elegibility: The Journal seeks to publish articles that will be of interest to the international research community in the fields of applied economics and finance. The Journal is not interested in manuscripts that are solely conceptual in nature. Articles ideally should include a valid conceptual model and an empirical test of the model using valid data and appropriate statistical techniques. Manuscripts should not exceed 10,000 words. Graphs are welcome if they are informative about the subject addressed.
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