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Organization: Observatorio América Latina-Asia Pacífico
Event: V Seminario Académico del Observatorio: "Experiencias de América Latina y Asia en materia de integración regional"
Submission Deadline: June 30, 2020
Description: El V Seminario Académico del Observatorio, titulado Experiencias de América Latina y Asia en materia de integración regional, tiene como principal objetivo generar un debate sobre las estrategias y políticas que los países latinoamericanos deberían seguir en los próximos años para “dar un salto de calidad” en sus relaciones económicas con Asia (Asia Pacífico, sudeste asiático e India), mediante una reflexión y análisis entre las dinámicas de integración entre regiones, en los ámbitos comerciales, financieros, tecnológicos, de inversión y cooperación, entre otros. En este contexto, se invita a académicos de América Latina y Asia a presentar trabajos que reflexionen sobre las temáticas referidas anteriormente. El Seminario Académico es de carácter multidisciplinario, por lo que se dará la bienvenida a contribuciones desde diversos campos (economía, derecho económico, relaciones internacionales, economía política internacional, geografía económica, negocios internacionales, etc.). Se privilegiarán aquellos trabajos que tengan una orientación propositiva. 
Eligibility: Los trabajos pueden tener un ámbito geográfico amplio (región a región) o local (referido a países o agrupaciones específicas). Se alienta a los autores interesados a presentar trabajos relativos a las relaciones de América Latina con la India y la ASEAN, dos actores de gran importancia que han estado subrepresentados en los trabajos presentados en las ediciones previas del Seminario Académico.
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Organization: Ecos de Economia
Event: Call for article submission
Submission Deadline: August 13, 2020
Description: Ecos de Economia is a Latin America journal of applied economics, with a particular interest in the quantitative analysis of economic, financial, and public policy issues and/or themes related to Latin America. Articles that include and analyze national data are particularly welcome, since these data are often unavailable to international researchers outside the region. The journal is not interested in manuscripts that are solely conceptual in nature. Ecos de Economía does not charge any fees for the review or revision of articles.
Eligibility: Ecos de Economia is a Latin America journal of applied economics, with a particular interest in the quantitative analysis of economic, financial, and public policy issues and/or themes related to Latin America. Articles that include and analyze national data are particularly welcome, since these data are often unavailable to international researchers outside the region. The journal is not interested in manuscripts that are solely conceptual in nature.
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Organization: UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the World Bank and the School of Economics at Universidad de los Andes
Event: 2nd Research Conference on Forced Displacement
Submission Deadline: October 31, 2020
Description: In 2019, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the World Bank established the Joint Data Center on Forced Displacement (JDC). In line with its mandate and recognizing the need for robust evidence to inform policy and project design, the Center is partnering with the School of Economics at Universidad de los Andes to organize the Second International Research Conference on Forced Displacement to be held on May 28-29, 2021, at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. The conference will be preceded by a Policy Forum on Forced Displacement on May 27, 2021. The Center solicits the submission of papers on the collection and analysis of micro data on forcibly displaced populations and their hosts. This second international conference will have a particular – albeit not exclusive – focus on research on internally displaced persons. The choice of the conference venue is therefore not accidental. Colombia has endured over 60 years of protracted conflict and has the highest number of internally displaced persons in the world. Moreover, there is a track record of policies, program design, and academic research related to the humanitarian and development responses to the displacement crisis in Colombia. The Colombian experience can be informative to promote new research and gather attention on emerging scholarship on this important topic from around the world.
Eligibility: To be considered for inclusion on the program, completed papers or extended abstracts should be submitted to by October 31, 2020. The papers chosen for the conference will be selected by a scientific committee comprised of Quy-Toan Do (World Bank), Rema Hanna (Harvard University), Andrés Moya (Universidad de los Andes), and Domenico Tabasso (JDC-UNHCR). Authors chosen to present papers will be notified by January 6, 2021. Economy air travel and accommodation expenses will be covered for one presenter for each paper.
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Organization: Economia, the journal of LACEA
Event: Articles Submission
Submission Deadline: Rolling Submission
Description: Economia, the journal of LACEA is happy to announce that starting on February 1, 2017, the journal accepts submissions at any time. Submissions should be sent electronically to the Managing Editor, Roberto Bernal
Eligibility: We only accept complete papers in English. Submitted papers should neither be previously published nor be under consideration for publication in any other outlet. The manuscript should include an abstract of 150 or fewer words, JEL codes and at most 4 key words. All manuscripts should be submitted in PDF format with double spacing and should not exceed 35 pages, including references, figures, and tables. Please use 12-point font, and 1.5 inches margins on all sides. Please make sure that the front page of the manuscript specifies all your contact information, affiliation, title of the paper and co-authors.
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Organization: ECONOMÍA Journal
Event: Articles Submission
Submission Deadline: Rolling Submission
Description: ECONOMÍA Journal was initially established as the “Revista Economía” of the Department of Economics of the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Peru (PUCP) in 1977. It is the oldest academic journal on economics in the country. Building on that legacy, ECONOMÍA has now been relaunched as an internationally refereed journal dedicated to publishing original academic research on economics in English, with an expanded and prestigious Editorial Board, as well as a large team of Associated Editors that guarantee the highest theoretical and methodological standards. ECONOMÍA also offers a manuscript management platform that provides an efficient workflow among authors, associate editors and referees throughout the process of manuscript submission and evaluation. In this new stage, ECONOMÍA aspires to continue leading the progress of academic literature in the country as well as position itself in a prominent place in the Latin American region.
Eligibility: ECONOMÍA is a journal of general interest in economics, placing particular emphasis on the Peruvian and Latin-American economies. More specifically, our journal welcomes academic articles of high standards in the following (non-restrictive) areas: macroeconomics, microeconomics, history of economic thought, regional economy, economic history, labor market, economic fluctuations, economic growth, poverty, econometrics, applied economics, economic theory, finances, socio-economic development, environment, energy, health, education, economic policy, exchange rate, inflation, institutions, corruption, crime. To make a submission, please follow this link.
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Organization: Global Development Network (GDN)
Event: Call for Expressions of Interest: Assessing Social Science Research Systems Doing Research program
Submission Deadline: Rolling Submission
Description: The Global Development Network (GDN) is a public international organization that supports high quality, policy-oriented, social-science research in developing and transition countries to promote better lives. It supports researchers with financial resources, global networking, as well as access to information, training, peer review and mentoring. GDN acts on the premise that better research leads to more informed policies and better, more inclusive development. Through its global platform, GDN connects social science researchers with policymakers and development stakeholders across the world. Founded in 1999, GDN is currently headquartered in New Delhi.
Eligibility: The Global Development Network is calling for expressions of interest from research teams based in research institutions in developing countries to act as national focal points for GDN’s Doing Research Program. As National Focal Points, the teams would be expected to mobilize research and have experience in research of the education, research or innovation sectors of their countries. Applications accepted on a rolling basis. Click here to apply
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Organization: On Think Tanks, University of Bath and Universidad del Pacífico
Event: Call for papers for the On Think Tanks Working Paper Series
Submission Deadline: none specified
Description: On Think Tanks, University of Bath and Universidad del Pacífico have partnered to produce a series of Working Papers focused on the study of think tanks to give new researchers a chance to publish their ideas and reach a broader academic and practitioner audience. The Working Paper Series will allow On Think Tanks to promote the emergence of new research on think tanks and on evidence informed policy world-wide.
Eligibility:he Working Papers will be drawn from submissions from researchers in the field, particularly individuals interested in publishing their post-graduate dissertations. There is no deadline for submissions and we will be reviewing them on an ongoing basis. To submit please email to  Andrea Baertl at; subject line: Working Paper Series:  “Title of your paper”; include your full name; email, address and mobile number; institutional affiliation; attach your paper; attach a 1 page summary of the paper (not an abstract but a full-summary including key findings/conclusions).
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Organization: Vernon Press
Event: Call for reviewers
Submission Deadline: none specified
Description: Do you enjoy reading books in economics, social science, humanities? Join our community of book reviewers! To join you must be an expert in one of the areas we publish (see list here) and be prepared to review at least one book every two years.
Eligibility: To join please send a brief message expressing interest to: In your message please mention your full name, academic affiliation, area(s) of expertise, and provide either a paragraph-long biographical note (and/)or a list of publications.
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Call for papers

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