Lacea 2013 meeting

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Financial Development, Exporting and Firm Heterogeneity in Chile
Fiscal Policy in Latin America: Lessons and Legacies of the Global Financial Crisis
The Delivering Ecological Services Index (DESI)
"If it's already tough, imagine for me...". A Qualitative Perspective on Youth Out of School and Out of Work in Brazil
'E-lancing' en América Latina y el Caribe: ¿cómo conectar el talento digital con oportunidades globales?
(She)cession: The Colombian female staircase fall
(Successful) Democracies Breed Their Own Support
50 years after the Agrarian Reform in Chile: reflections and lessons
A 2008 SAM and AGEM of Mexico and the case of taxes on hydrocarbons extraction
A Bad Year? Climate Variability and the Wine Industry in Chile
A Broken Social Elevator? How to Promote Social Mobility
A case for redistribution? Income inequality and wealth concentration in the recent crisis
A Community Based Program Promotes Sanitation
A Comparison of Saving Rates: Micro Evidence from Seventeen Latin American and Caribbean Countries
A comparison of saving rates: micro evidence from sixteen Latin American and Caribbean countries
A Comparison of TFP Estimates via Distribution Dynamics: Evidence from Light Manufacturing Firms in Brazil
A comprehensive analysis of the wage curve in Brazil: non-linearities, urban size, and the spatial dimension
A Counting Multidimensional Poverty Index in Public Policy Context: the case of Colombia
A cycle-adjusted fiscal rule for sustainable and more equitable growth in Argentina
A Decision Tree for Digital Payment Services: The Case of Mexico