Lacea 2013 meeting

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Financial Development, Exporting and Firm Heterogeneity in Chile
Fiscal Policy in Latin America: Lessons and Legacies of the Global Financial Crisis
Selfish in payments, selfish in opportunities to obtain the payment
The Delivering Ecological Services Index (DESI)
"If it's already tough, imagine for me...". A Qualitative Perspective on Youth Out of School and Out of Work in Brazil
'E-lancing' en América Latina y el Caribe: ¿cómo conectar el talento digital con oportunidades globales?
(She)cession: The Colombian female staircase fall
(Successful) Democracies Breed Their Own Support
50 years after the Agrarian Reform in Chile: reflections and lessons
A 2008 SAM and AGEM of Mexico and the case of taxes on hydrocarbons extraction
A Bad Year? Climate Variability and the Wine Industry in Chile
A Broken Social Elevator? How to Promote Social Mobility
A case for redistribution? Income inequality and wealth concentration in the recent crisis
A Community Based Program Promotes Sanitation
A Comparison of Saving Rates: Micro Evidence from Seventeen Latin American and Caribbean Countries
A comparison of saving rates: micro evidence from sixteen Latin American and Caribbean countries
A Comparison of TFP Estimates via Distribution Dynamics: Evidence from Light Manufacturing Firms in Brazil
A comprehensive analysis of the wage curve in Brazil: non-linearities, urban size, and the spatial dimension
A Counting Multidimensional Poverty Index in Public Policy Context: the case of Colombia
A cycle-adjusted fiscal rule for sustainable and more equitable growth in Argentina