Research 2012

Title Topic Keywords Produced by
Sovereign debt in Latin America, 1820–1913 Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy Bond market, Debt, International finance Central European University
Movilidad social en Colombia Labor, Fiscal Policy, Public and Welfare Economics Colombia, Social Mobility Universidad de los Andes
Higher education dropouts, access to credit, and labor market outcomes: Evidence from Chile Education and Health Chile, Credit constraints, Education credits, Education dropouts Economic Dynamics
Dinámica del mercado laboral uruguayo Labor Labor market, Uruguay Universidad de la República del Uruguay
Social capital and economic performance: trust and distrust in eighteenth-century gold shipments from Brazil Globalization and Trade, Politics and Economy Economic history Technical University of Lisbon
Does aid for education attract foreign investors? An empirical analysis for Latin America Education and Health Aid effectiveness, Foreign Direct Investment, Human capital Kiel Institute for the World Economy
Cambio estructural y demanda de trabajo calificado en Colombia en el periodo 1950 – 2007 Labor Colombia, Labor market, Manufacturing Departamento Nacional de Planeación de Colombia
El efecto del orden de nacimiento sobre el atraso escolar en el Perú Education and Health Education, Peru Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Implicit redistribution in the Chilean Social Insurance System Fiscal Policy, Public and Welfare Economics Chile, Income distribution, Social security Universidad Adolfo Ibañez
Evaluación de impacto del programa de becas Fondo de Cesantía Solidario 2007 Fiscal Policy, Public and Welfare Economics Training, Unemployment insurance Universidad Adolfo Ibañez
Incentivos tributarios para la I+D+i en Argentina: Una evaluación de las políticas recientes Fiscal Policy, Public and Welfare Economics Argentina, Economic development , Tax credit Inter-American Development Bank
Un fondo de reservas regional para América Latina Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy Latin America and Caribbean Munich Personal RePEc Archive
The Federal Reserve, emerging markets, and capital controls: a high frequency empirical investigation Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy Capital controls, Emerging markets, Interest rates National Bureau of Economic Research
Business cycles, international trade and capital flows: evidence from Latin America Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy Latin America, Trade German Institute for Economic Research
Labor market institutions and informality in transition and Latin American countries Labor Informality, Labor market, Latin America University of Bologna
Testing the law of one price in retail banking: An analysis for Colombia using a pair-wise approach Financial Economics Banking, Colombia Banco de la República de Colombia
Wages and Informality in Developing Countries Labor Credit constraints, Entrepreneurship Yale University
Conditional Cash Transfers, Political Participation, and Voting Behavior Politics and Economy Colombia, Conditional Cash Transfers, Voting behavior Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Financial Development, Exporting and Firm Heterogeneity in Chile Microeconomics, Competition and Productivity Chile, Credit constraints, Financial development
Beyond full employment: the employer of last resort as an institution for change Gender Economics, Labor Gender inequality, Poverty