Research 2014

Title Topic Keywords Produced by
Total Factor Productivity Estimation in Peru: Primal and Dual Approaches Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy Economic growth, Peru, Productivity Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Economic and political inclusion of human development conditional transfer programmes in Latin America? Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness, Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics Conditional Cash Transfers, Latin America, Poverty reduction, Social protection Brooks World Poverty Institute, University of Manchester
Institutional investors and long-term investment: evidence from Chile Financial Economics Chile, Emerging markets, Financial markets The World Bank
Shelter from the Storm: Upgrading Housing Infrastructure in Latin American Slums Environmental Economics, Infraestructure - Transport - Water Climate change, Infrastructure, Latin America and Caribbean, Natural disasters, Poverty Inter-American Development Bank
Land Accumulation Dynamics in Developing Country Agriculture Agricultural - Natural Resource Economics Agriculture, Inequality, Land use
The Search and Matching Equilibrium in an Economy with an Informal Sector: A Positive Analysis of Labor Market Policies Labor Informality, Labor market, Labor policies Banco de la República de Colombia
Labor Market Issues in the Caribbean: Scope to Mobilize Employment Growth Labor, Microeconomics - Competition - Productivity Business cycles, Economic growth, Employment, Exports, Labor market International Monetary Fund
Culture, competition, and hapiness Demographic Economics - Migration, Microeconomics - Competition - Productivity, Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics Life satisfaction, Productivity, Social welfare
¿Una promesa incumplida? La calidad de la educación superior universitaria y el subempleo profesional en el Perú Education - Health, Labor Education expenditures, Education outcomes, Employment, Labor market, Peru Universidad del Pacifico
Replacement Cycles, Income Distribution, and Dynamic Price Discrimination Microeconomics - Competition - Productivity Durable goods, Monopoly, Price discrimination INSPER - Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa
La inclusión y la estabilidad financieras Financial Economics Financial development, Financial inclusion, Latin America, Regulation CEMLA
Global boom, local impacts: Mining revenues and subnational outcomes in Peru 2007-2011 Agricultural - Natural Resource Economics, Environmental Economics, Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Mining, extraction, and refining, Natural resources, Peru, Poverty reduction Inter-American Development Bank
Which team will win the 2014 FIFA World Cup? Theory Latin America, Mega sporting events Universidad EAFIT
The Price Is Not Always Right: On the Impacts of (Commodity) Prices on Households (and Countries) Financial Economics, Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy The World Bank
The Impact of Public Spending on the Performance of Microfinance Institutions Financial Economics, Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics Latin America, Microfinance, Poverty, Public expenditure, Public finance
Inflation Targeting in Colombia, 2002-2012 Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy Colombia, Exchange rates, Inflation targeting, Monetary policy Banco de la República de Colombia
Pobreza multidimensional en la Argentina. Asimetrías regionales (Parte I) Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Argentina, Poverty, Poverty reduction
¿Las cooperativas de trabajadores degeneran? Labor, Microeconomics - Competition - Productivity Productivity, Uruguay, Wages, worker-managed firms Universidad de la República - Uruguay
The Efficiency of Education Expenditure in Latin America and Lessons for Colombia Education - Health Education, Efficiency, Latin America, Public expenditure Departamento Nacional de Planeación de Colombia
Central Bank Financial Strength in Central America and the Dominican Republic Financial Economics, Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy Capital markets, Central America, Central Bank, Monetary policy International Monetary Fund