Research 2016

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Causas del desempleo en Colombia en el siglo XXI evidencia a partir de un modelo VAR-X cointegrado Labor, Theory Colombia, Unemployment
The Struggle for Territorial Control in Colombia: An Analysis of the Dynamics of the Armed Conflict Conflict, Crime and Violence Colombia, Conflict and violence, Political economy Universidad EAFIT
Understanding the Dynamics of Labor Income Inequality in Latin America Labor, Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Education, Inequality, Labor income, Latin America Tulane University
How Productive is Rural Infrastructure? Evidence on Some Agricultural Crops in Colombia Agricultural - Natural Resource Economics Agriculture, Colombia, Productivity, Public goods Banco de la República de Colombia
Justicia, Redistribución y Evasión Fiscal Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics Fiscal institutions, Fiscal policy Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas CIDE
Deflecting my burden, hindering redistribution. How elites influence tax legislation in Latin America Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics Fiscal policy, Latin America, Taxation
Characterization of Fertility Levels in Brazil, 1970-2010 Demographic Economics - Migration Brazil, Infant mortality RAND Corporation
Care economy in Argentina: Some results based on the Time use survey Gender Economics, Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Argentina, Gender inequality Munich Personal RePEc Archive
The costs of using formal intellectual property rights: a survey on small innovative enterprises in Latin America Institutions and Development Innovation, Intellectual property management, Latin America
Voting for the environment: the importance of Democracy and education in Latin America Education - Health Democracy, Environmental policy, Latin America
Short- and Long-Term Effects of a Child-Labor Ban Labor Child labor, Labor market The World Bank
Access to Education and Teenage Pregnancy Education - Health Brazil, Education, Motherhood
Despojo Salarial y Pueblos Originarios. Panorama Actual del Valor del Trabajo Usando la Encuesta CASEN Demographic Economics - Migration, History and Economics, Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Chile, Inequality, Research
Ageing in the Caribbean: implications of a changing population Demographic Economics - Migration Latin America and Caribbean, Social welfare
Is it Displacement? Evidence on the Impact of Police Monitoring on Crime Conflict, Crime and Violence Crime, Violence Universidad de San Andrés
Reverting to Informality. Unregistered Property Transactions and the Erosion of the Titling Reform in Peru Labor Household finances, Law enforcement, Peru RAND Corporation
Un modelo para el sistema de pensiones en el Perú: Diagnóstico y recomendaciones Labor Pensions, Peru Banco Central del Perú
Ecotourism in the Bolivian Amazon: An Attribute Analysis Environmental Economics, Theory Bolivia, Economic development
Good Practice in Environment, Health and Safety in Latin America and the Caribbean Education - Health Environmental policy, Health, Latin America and Caribbean Inter-American Development Bank
Las dimensiones faltantes en la medición de la pobreza Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Poverty CAF