Research 2016

Title Topic All terms Produced by
Deflecting my burden, hindering redistribution. How elites influence tax legislation in Latin America Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics Fiscal policy, Latin America, Taxation
Characterization of Fertility Levels in Brazil, 1970-2010 Demographic Economics - Migration Brazil, Infant mortality RAND Corporation
Care economy in Argentina: Some results based on the Time use survey Gender Economics, Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Argentina, Gender inequality Munich Personal RePEc Archive
The costs of using formal intellectual property rights: a survey on small innovative enterprises in Latin America Institutions and Development Innovation, Intellectual property management, Latin America
Voting for the environment: the importance of Democracy and education in Latin America Education - Health Democracy, Environmental policy, Latin America
Short- and Long-Term Effects of a Child-Labor Ban Labor Child labor, Labor market The World Bank
Access to Education and Teenage Pregnancy Education - Health Brazil, Education, Motherhood
Stock Market Volatility Spillovers: Evidence for Latin America Financial Economics Financial crisis, Stock market Banco de la República de Colombia
Implementing the capability approach with respect for individual valuations: an illustration with Colombian data Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Colombia, Income distribution, Life satisfaction University of Leuven
The economic geography of human capital in Twentieth-century Latin America in an international comparative perspective Labor Economic growth, Education, Latin America, Welfare Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Innovación e incumbent failure en la industria de las telecomunicaciones en Colombia Infraestructure - Transport - Water Colombia, Innovation Universidad EAFIT
Gone with the Wind: Demographic Transitions and Domestic Saving Demographic Economics - Migration, Financial Economics Latin America, Saving rate Inter-American Development Bank
Apprenticeship as a stepping stone to better jobs: Evidence from brazilian matched employer-employee data Labor Brazil, Job training programs, Labor market, Training PUC Rio
Output gaps and policy stabilisation in Latin America: the effect of commodity and capital flow cycles Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy Capital flows, Commodity prices, Fiscal policy, Latin America Bank of International Settlements
Logistics Observatory for Chile. Strengthening Policies for Competitiveness Globalization - Trade, Infraestructure - Transport - Water Chile, Logistics Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD)
Premature deindustrialization in Latin America Globalization - Trade, Institutions and Development Economic development , Industry, Structural change
Efecto y distorsiones de los impuestos en los incentivos a la inversión y en los precios: Comparación Argentina-Estados Unidos Financial Economics, Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics Labor market, Price discrimination, Taxes
Climate and Cropping Patterns in Brazil Agricultural - Natural Resource Economics Agriculture, Brazil, Climate change
Human Capital and Labor Informality in Chile Labor Chile, Human capital, Job flows RAND Corporation
Modeling the Opportunity Costs of Reducing Legal Deforestation and the Implications for Forest Policy in Mato Grosso, Brazil Agricultural - Natural Resource Economics Brazil