Research 2017

Title Topic All terms Produced by
A study of environmental infractions for Brazilian municipalities: a spatial dynamic panel approach Demographic Economics - Migration, Environmental Economics, Infraestructure - Transport - Water Brazil, Environmental policy, Violence University of Sao Paulo
Capturing economic and social benefits at the community level. Opportunities and obstacles for civil society Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics Accountability, Industry, Mining, extraction, and refining, Peru, Transparency
Gendered Effects of the Personal Income Tax: Evidence from a Schedular System with Individual Filing in a Developing Country Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics Gender, Income distribution, Taxes Universidad de la República - Uruguay
Innovative Experiences in Access to Finance Financial Economics Financial access, Innovation, Investment, Latin America The World Bank
Populism and the Economics of Globalization Globalization - Trade Globalization Centre for Economic Policy Research
Desiguales. Orígenes, cambios y desafíos de la brecha social en Chile Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy, Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Chile, Inequality, Social policy
Defining, Conceptualising and Measuring the Digital Economy Institutions and Development, Theory Digital money, Innovation
Fiscal policy and the cycle in Latin America: The role of financing conditions and fiscal rules Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics Financial development, Financial inclusion, Fiscal policy, Latin America Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD)
Political settlements, natural resource extraction, and inclusion in Bolivia Agricultural - Natural Resource Economics, Politics and Economy Bolivia, Natural resources, Political economy
Género y sistemas agroalimentarios sostenibles Agricultural - Natural Resource Economics, Gender Economics Agriculture, Gender
Towards a better future for women and work: Voices of women and men Gender Economics Gender, Gender wage gap, Labor participation International Labour Office
Políticas de desarrollo económico local en Chile: más allá del asistencialismo Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy Chile, Economic development
Credit and Saving Constraints in General Equilibrium: Evidence from Survey Data Financial Economics Credit constraints, Financial inclusion, Saving Banco de la República de Colombia
El valor agregado de la minería en el Perú Agricultural - Natural Resource Economics Mining, extraction, and refining, Natural resources, Peru
Sex-Differences in Language and Socio-emotional Skills in Early Childhood Education - Health Childhood development, Gender wage gap, Skill premium Inter-American Development Bank
An Index of Regulatory Practices for Financial Inclusion in Latin America: Enablers, Promoters and Preventers Financial Economics, Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics Financial development, Financial inclusion, Latin America BBVA Research
Gaining Momentum in Peruvian Agriculture Agricultural - Natural Resource Economics Agriculture, Competitiveness, Peru, Productivity The World Bank
Compás Millennial: La generación Y en la era de la integración 4.0 Demographic Economics - Migration, Education - Health Gender, Globalization Inter-American Development Bank
Big Data and the Well-Being of Women and Girls. Applications on the Social Scientific Frontier Gender Economics, Methodology Gender, Research, Social policy
La generación eléctrica a partir de energías renovables no convencionales en Chile Agricultural - Natural Resource Economics, Environmental Economics Chile, Energy