Research 2021

Title Topic All terms Produced by
The Impacts of COVID-19 on Informal Labor Markets: Evidence from Peru Labor COVID-19, Gender, Informality The World Bank
Exogenous shocks, credit reports and access to credit: Evidence from colombian coffee producers Agricultural - Natural Resource Economics, Financial Economics Agriculture, Financial markets Universidad de los Andes
Estados ágiles para la recuperación: Implicancias para los gobiernos de América Latina Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy, Politics and Economy Economic growth, Governance, Government Programs, Latin America CAF
Desigualdades del ingreso en Colombia: ¿cuáles son sus determinantes y cómo se han afectado por la pandemia del Covid-19? Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Colombia, COVID-19, Inequality Banco de la República de Colombia
Wealth tax: Perspectives in a post-pandemic world Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics COVID-19, Taxes, Welfare International Policy Center for Inclusive Growth
Labor Unions and the Electoral Consequences of Trade Liberalization Globalization - Trade Brazil, Electoral incentives, Trade, Trade Agreements Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
A decomposition method to evaluate the ‘paradox of progress’ with evidence for Argentina Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Argentina, Education, Inequality Centro de Estudios Distributivos, Laborales y Sociales (CEDLAS)
Country performance during the Covid-19 pandemic: externalities, coordination, and the role of institutions Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy COVID-19, Local development, Macroeconomic stability
Hidden Violence: How COVID-19 School Closures Reduced the Reporting of Child Maltreatment Conflict, Crime and Violence, Education - Health Childcare, COVID-19, Violence
El efecto de las prácticas parentales en el desarrollo infantil en comunidades urbanas y rurales de la selva peruana Education - Health Childcare, Childhood development, Peru Grupo de Análisis para el Desarrollo (GRADE)
Dissecting Inequality-Averse Preferences Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Inequality, Redistribution Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
The Unwritten License: The Social License to Operate in Latin America's Extractive Sector Institutions and Development Latin America and Caribbean, Mining, extraction, and refining, Natural resources Inter-American Development Bank
COVID-19 in Latin America: A High Toll on Lives and Livelihoods Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness COVID-19, Latin America International Monetary Fund
“An A Is An A”: The New Bottom Line For Valuing Academic Research Theory Research
In Someone Else’s Shoes Promoting Prosocial Behavior Through Perspective Taking Demographic Economics - Migration, Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Colombia, Migration, Venezuela The World Bank
Adaptive, but not by design: cash transfers in Latin America and the Caribbean before, during and after the COVID-19 Pandemic Financial Economics Conditional Cash Transfers, COVID-19, Latin America and Caribbean, Social protection Inter-American Development Bank
Implicancias de la inclusión financiera y el empleo informal en la pobreza monetaria de los departamentos del Perú Financial Economics, Labor Financial inclusion, Inequality, Informality, Poverty Universidad Católica de Colombia
Leaders in Juvenile Crime Conflict, Crime and Violence Crime, Violence Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Visitas domiciliarias a escala y desarrollo infantil Education - Health Childcare, Childhood development, Peru Inter-American Development Bank
Statistical and computational techniques for extraction of underlying systematic risk factors: a comparative study in the Mexican Stock Exchange Financial Economics Financial markets, Financial system, Mexico, Stock market Universidad Católica de Colombia