Research 2021

Title Topic All terms Produced by
Gone with the pandemic: effects of COVID-19 on academic performance in Colombia Education - Health Colombia, COVID-19, Education dropouts Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
The Causal Effect of an Income Shock on Children’s Human Capital Education - Health Childcare, Childhood development, Education Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
COVID-19 blues: Lockdowns and mental health-related google searches in Latin America Education - Health COVID-19, Health, Latin America
COVID-19 Crisis and the Informal Economy Labor, Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy COVID-19, Informality
Productive Ecosystems and the arrow of development Microeconomics - Competition - Productivity Economic growth, Productivity
Cambio climático y su efecto sobre la economía en América Latina, estudio sobre la variable de desempleo Environmental Economics, Labor Climate change, Latin America, Unemployment Universidad EAFIT
Does employment protection affect unemployment? A meta-analysis Labor
The Risk of Automation in Latin America Labor Income distribution, Innovation, Labor market Centro de Estudios Distributivos, Laborales y Sociales (CEDLAS)
The Effects of Climate Change on Labor and Capital Reallocation Environmental Economics, Labor Brazil, Climate change, Labor market National Bureau of Economic Research
El Teletrabajo como Mitigador de los Impactos Económicos de la Pandemia de COVID-19 en Argentina Labor Argentina, COVID-19, Labor market Centro de Estudios Distributivos, Laborales y Sociales (CEDLAS)
SARS-CoV-2 spread, detection, and dynamics in a megacity in Latin America Education - Health COVID-19, Health, Latin America
La protección social durante la pandemia: los casos de Argentina, Brasil, Colombia y México Education - Health Colombia, COVID-19, Education, Health, Inequality, Latin America, Social protection Tulane University
The potential of the Green Bond markets in Latin America and the Caribbean Environmental Economics Environmental policy, Latin America and Caribbean Universidad EAFIT
Optimal Climate and Fiscal Policy in an OLG economy Environmental Economics, Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics Climate change, Fiscal policy Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
The Economics of the Public Option: Evidence from Local Pharmaceutical Markets Education - Health, Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy Competitiveness, Health Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Rural-Urban Migration in Developing Countries: Lessons from the Literature Demographic Economics - Migration Migration The World Bank
The dawn of a mobile payment scheme: The case of Movii Financial Economics Innovation, Money flows Banco de la República de Colombia
América Latina en movimiento: Competencias y habilidades para la Cuarta Revolución Industrial en el contexto de pandemia Institutions and Development COVID-19, Innovation, Latin America, Skill premium Inter-American Development Bank
The Modern Mathematics of Deep Learning Methodology, Theory Research
Capital Controls, Domestic Macroprudential Policy and the Bank Lending Channel of Monetary Policy Financial Economics Banking, Macroeconomic Policy, Monetary policy Banco de la República de Colombia