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During this troubled period, sharing knowledge is more important than ever.  LACEA present a webpage that lists the latest published blogs, websites of webinars and papers on the pandemia. If you have suggestions of webpages that host relatively regular seminars, you have an article or your latest research is based on COVID-19 Pandemia and you want to publish it on our web-page, please send them to the LACEA secretary at Stay safe!






Check here some external links on the topic:

The World Pandemic Research Network (WPRN) is a platform serving research communities. It maintains a searchable global directory of the scientific resources available on the societal and human impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. It shows who works on what, where, in real time, at global level. See more here.

This series aims at drawing from UNDP's own experience and knowledge globally and from the expertise and capacity of our partner think tanks and academic institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. Find all the documents here.

The United Nations Development Programme in Latin America and the Caribbean and GRANDATA join forces to help governments and organizations in the region to combat COVID-19, creating a platform that facilitates the analysis of people's movements outside their homes. Click here to see the regional data.

La Universidad de los Andes, Colombia presenta una selección de Notas Macroeconómicas relacionadas con el impacto del #COVIDー19, sus problemáticas y las opciones de política. Accede a toda la información aquí.
The coronavirus pandemic causes enormous economic and social disruptions that call on various scientific disciplines to search for solutions. As an independent research institute and global network in labor economics, IZA is prepared to rise to this challenge. This website is regularly expanded to provide updated information, new empirical findings, and policy advice. Read more here.
Aquí encontrarán algunas de las temáticas que desde el CEDH estamos impulsando. Se presenta aquí un pequeño resumen de una serie de breves notas generadas por investigadores asociados al CEDH. Dichas notas ciertamente no agotan la temática, sino que pretenden ser simples disparadores de una discusión más profunda, que aborde todas las aristas de la problemática. Podrán acceder a las notas completas a través de los hiperlinks o también ingresando a la sección “publicaciones”. Cualquier sugerencia o comentario con espíritu constructivo será muy agradecido. ¡Bienvenidos a la conversación!






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