Education and Health

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Obesidad y salud pública en México: transformación del patrón hegemónico de oferta-demanda de alimentos Agricultural - Natural Resource Economics, Education - Health Health, Mexico, Public sector Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Interventions Using Regular Activities to Engage High-Risk School-Age Youth: a Review of After-School Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean Conflict, Crime and Violence, Education - Health Crime, Education, Violence Munich Personal RePEc Archive
Testing Happiness Hypothesis among the Elderly Education - Health Elderly, Health, Latin America Munich Personal RePEc Archive
Fading Out Effect or Long Lasting Nudge? The impact of a Conditional Cash Transfer Program Beyond Starting the School Year in Argentina Education - Health, Financial Economics Argentina, Conditional Cash Transfers, Education, Gender Centro de Estudios Distributivos, Laborales y Sociales (CEDLAS)
The impact of mining patents on public education: evidence for mining municipalities in Chile Education - Health Chile, Education, Government Programs, Mining, extraction, and refining Universidad Católica de Chile
A Community Based Program Promotes Sanitation Education - Health Behavioral Economics, Health Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Ecosystems´ climate compensatory function for intelligent land use: water, sanitation and health in the developing world Education - Health, Environmental Economics Climate change, Land use, Water
Educación que rinde: Mujeres, trabajo y cuidado infantil en América Latina y el Caribe: Resumen Education - Health, Labor Childcare, Education, Labor participation, Latin America and Caribbean Inter-American Development Bank
Advancing academic opportunities for disadvantaged youth: third year impact evaluation of a privately-managed school in a poor neighborhood in Montevideo Education - Health Education coverage, Impact evaluation, Uruguay Munich Personal RePEc Archive
Hacia un sistema de formación continua de la fuerza laboral en el Perú Education - Health, Labor Job training programs, Labor force, Peru Inter-American Development Bank
Rethinking education: Towards a global common good? Education - Health Education Yale University
Frequency of testing. Lessons from a field experiment in higher education Education - Health Education, Education dropouts, Education enrollment Munich Personal RePEc Archive
Effects of Motorcycle Helmet Laws on Fatalities’ Prevention: An Impact Evaluation Education - Health Health, Impact evaluation, Uruguay Munich Personal RePEc Archive
Marriage, labor supply and the dynamics of the social safety net Education - Health, Labor Labor supply, Social welfare, Welfare
The Impact of a Mathematics Computer-Assisted Learning Platform on Students’ Mathematics Test Scores Education - Health Education, Uruguay
Can Licensing Induce Productivity? Exploring the IPR Effect Education - Health, Microeconomics - Competition - Productivity Productivity, Training Universidad EAFIT
Parents, Siblings and Schoolmates Education - Health Education, Gender, Human capital
The Value of Smarter Teachers: International Evidence on Teacher Cognitive Skills and Student Performance Education - Health Education, Education outcomes, Skill premium National Bureau of Economic Research
Labor Market Search, Informality and Schooling Investments Education - Health, Labor Education, Informality, Labor market Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
La educación técnica en el Ecuador: el perfil de sus usuarios y sus efectos en la inclusión laboral y productiva Education - Health Ecuador, Education, Job training programs, Labor market