Financial Economics

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Revealing Corruption: Firm and Worker Level Evidence from Brazil Financial Economics Brazil, Corruption Universidad del Rosario
Rindiendo cuentas: La agenda del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo en transparencia y anticorrupción (2009-2015) Financial Economics Corruption, Financial system Inter-American Development Bank
Risk Aversion at the Country Level Financial Economics Life satisfaction, Relative risk aversion Universidad ORT
Role of regulation and micro finance in Africa, Asia and Latin America Financial Economics Latin America, Microfinance, Regulation
Role of regulation in micro finance: application of the Micro Savings Requirement Scheme in informal sectors Financial Economics Microfinance, Regulation Munich Personal RePEc Archive
Rural Development Policies and Conditional Cash Transfers in Brazil: An Impact Evaluation of the IFAD-Supported Gavião Project and Potential Synergies with Bolsa Família Financial Economics Brazil, Conditional Cash Transfers, Economic development
Safeguarding Against a Reversal in Social Gains During the Economic Crisis in Brazil Financial Economics Brazil, Inequality, Poverty The World Bank
Saving in Latin America and the Caribbean: Performance and Policies Financial Economics Latin America and Caribbean, Saving International Monetary Fund
Saving Rates in Latin America: A Neoclassical Perspective Financial Economics Latin America, Saving rate
Schooling Investment, Mismatch, and Wage Inequality Education - Health, Financial Economics Education, Educational mismatch, Human capital, Job search, Wage inequality
Small Firms and the Pandemic: Evidence From Latin America Financial Economics COVID-19, Firm performance, Firms, Latin America
Social Capital and Financial Credit Markets: Credit Demand in Mexico, 2010 Financial Economics Capital markets, Credit, Financial markets Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Socio-economic and environmental effects of eco-tourism Environmental Economics, Financial Economics Behavioral Economics, Environmental policy Universidad del Rosario
Soft Budgets and Renegotiations in Public-Private Partnerships: Theory and Evidence Financial Economics, Politics and Economy Public private partnerships, Public sector, Trade Universidad de Chile
Sound Banks for Healthy Economies: Challenges for Policymakers in Latin America and the Caribbean in Times of Coronavirus Financial Economics Central Bank, COVID-19, Economic crisis, Latin America Center for Global Development
Sovereign Default, Debt Restructuring, and Recovery Rates: was the Argentinean “Haircut” Excessive? Financial Economics, Politics and Economy, Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics Argentina, Debt, Sovereign debt National Bureau of Economic Research
Spatial strategies in Brazilian Franchising; Behavior categories and Performance Outcome Financial Economics, Globalization - Trade Brazil, Emerging markets, Trade Agreements Université de Lyon, University of Sao Paulo
Statistical and computational techniques for extraction of underlying systematic risk factors: a comparative study in the Mexican Stock Exchange Financial Economics Financial markets, Financial system, Mexico, Stock market Universidad Católica de Colombia
Stock Market Volatility Spillovers: Evidence for Latin America Financial Economics Financial crisis, Stock market Banco de la República de Colombia
Strategic ethics: Altruism without the other-regarding confound Financial Economics, Infraestructure - Transport - Water Investment