Financial Economics

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Innovation and productivity in services: Empirical evidence from Latin America Financial Economics, Microeconomics - Competition - Productivity Developing countries, Innovation, Latin America, Productivity
Innovative Experiences in Access to Finance Financial Economics Financial access, Innovation, Investment, Latin America The World Bank
Institutional investors and long-term investment: evidence from Chile Financial Economics Chile, Emerging markets, Financial markets The World Bank
Insurance use and economic growth in Latin America. Some panel data evidence Financial Economics, Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy Economic growth, Financial development, Financial institutions, Latin America Universidad de Antioquia
Interest margins and bank regulation in Central America and the Caribbean Financial Economics, Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy Banking, Central America, Latin America and Caribbean
Intergenerational Altruism and Transfers of Time and Money: A Lifecycle Perspective Financial Economics Childcare, Childhood development, Investment
International Banking and Cross-Border Effects of Regulation: Lessons from Chile Financial Economics Banking, Chile, Regulation Banco Central de Chile
Intra-Household Behavioral Responses to Cash Transfer Programs: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design Financial Economics Conditional Cash Transfers, Household finances, Labor market Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Investment Gaps in IDB Borrowing Countries Financial Economics Investment, Latin America Graduate Institute Geneva
Is access to credit a constraint for Latin American enterprises? An empirical analysis with firm-level data Financial Economics, Microeconomics - Competition - Productivity, Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics Banking, Credit constraints, Financial crisis, Latin America Money and Finance Research Group(MoFiR)
Is the Eurozone on the Mend? Latin American Examples to Analyze the Euro Question Financial Economics Euro, Financial crisis, Latin America Inter-American Development Bank
La financiación de las grandes ciudades: revisión de la literatura, comparación internacional y experiencias exitosas Financial Economics Financial development, Fiscal policy, Taxes Fedesarrollo
La inclusión y la estabilidad financieras Financial Economics Financial development, Financial inclusion, Latin America, Regulation CEMLA
La trampa de liquidez, historia y tendencias de investigación: un análisis bibliométrico Financial Economics, Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy Fiscal policy, Interest rates, Monetary policy Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Latin American banking efficiency and use of production factors. Are domestic and foreign banks so different? Financial Economics Financial markets, Latin America
Local Unit Root and Inflationary Inertia in Brazil Financial Economics Brazil, Inflation Banco Central do Brasil
Macroeconomic and Financial Consequences of the After Crisis Government-Driven Credit Expansion in Brazil Financial Economics, Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy Banking, Brazil, Credit, Investment, Macroeconomics Banco Central do Brasil
Manejo del balance bancario en México Financial Economics Banking, Financial system, Mexico CEMLA
Market and disposable top income shares adjusted by national accounts data Financial Economics Household finances, Income distribution, Income inequality Universidad EAFIT
Market separation, negative consumption externalities and capacity constraints: when do consumers end better off? Financial Economics, Microeconomics - Competition - Productivity Firm performance, Market structure