Gender Economics

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Intergenerational Mobility of Economic Well-being in Latin America Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Inequality, Latin America Centro de Estudios Distributivos, Laborales y Sociales (CEDLAS)
Envejecer en América Latina y el Caribe. Protección social y calidad de vida de las personas mayores Education - Health Elderly, Social protection Inter-American Development Bank
El mercado importador en Colombia y las firmas que importan Globalization - Trade International context, Trade Agreements, Trade policy Banco de la República de Colombia
Race, Gender and Poverty: Evidence from Brazilian Data Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Brazil, Gender, Inequality, Poverty Munich Personal RePEc Archive
Los impactos de la inclusión financiera en los micronegocios: factores que explican aumentos en los ingresos y crecimiento de los negocios Microeconomics - Competition - Productivity Colombia, Financial inclusion, Firms Universidad del Rosario
Estimating inequality with missing incomes Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Income distribution, Income inequality London School of Economics
The Effect of Health Insurance on Child Nutritional Outcomes. Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design in Peru Education - Health Childcare, Health, Peru
The external effects of public housing developments on informal housing: The case of Medellín, Colombia Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Developing countries, Housing markets Universidad del Rosario
Weak growth and the global crisis are holding back the recovery of the employment in Latin America and the Caribbean Labor Economic crisis, Employment, Latin America and Caribbean International Labour Office
The Systemic Impact of Debt Default in a Multilayered Global Network Model Education - Health Debt, Economic crisis
Decolonial Readings of Platform Economies: The Organising of On-Demand Delivery Women Workers in Ecuador Gender Economics, Labor Ecuador, Gender inequality, Migration
Making a Maradona: Meat Consumption and Soccer Prowess Education - Health Poverty
Envejecimiento y atención a la dependencia en el Perú Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Latin America and Caribbean, Peru, Social policy Inter-American Development Bank
Hot Spots, Patrolling Intensity, and Robberies: Lessons from a three-year program in Uruguay Conflict, Crime and Violence Crime, Latin America, Uruguay Munich Personal RePEc Archive
Labor Market Power, Self-Employment, and Development Labor Economic development , Labor market, Self-employment Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Asymmetric interest rate transmission in an inflation-targeting framework: The case of Colombia Financial Economics Colombia, Inflation, Interest rates
Fighting Global Warming: Is Trade Policy in Latin America and the Caribbean a Help or a Hindrance? Environmental Economics, Globalization - Trade Global warming, Latin America and Caribbean, Trade policy Inter-American Development Bank
The governance of civil aviation authorities in Latin American countries: Evidence from ICAO’s North American, Central American and Caribbean and South American regions Politics and Economy Accountability, Latin America, Regulation Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD)
Immigration, Wages, and Employment under Informal Labor Markets Demographic Economics - Migration, Labor Informality, Labor market, Migration
Towards the measurement of electromobility in international trade. An interactive online dashboard Globalization - Trade Trade, Trade Agreements