Gender Economics

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Non-parametric analysis of poverty duration using repeated cross-section: an application for Peru Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Peru, Poverty, Poverty reduction, Statistics
On the origins of inequality in Chile Education - Health, Labor, Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Chile, Education, Inequality, Labor income
Employer learning, statistical discrimination and university prestige Labor Chile, Discrimination, Employment, Job search
How local are labor markets? Evidence from a spatial job search model Labor Job search, Labor market, Local employment
The effects of savings on risk-taking and intertemporal choice behavior Financial Economics, Labor Banking, Behavioral Economics, Saving
The pay-off of identity-enhancing human resource management practices: theory and evidence from Latin America Labor Human capital, Labor market, Latin America
Worker-level adjustment costs in a developing country: evidence from Mexico Labor Labor market, Labor supply, Mexico
Male labor force participation and social security in Mexico Labor, Fiscal Policy, Public and Welfare Economics Elderly, Labor participation, Mexico, Retirement, Social security
Double penalty in returns to education: informality and educational mismatch in the Colombian labour market Labor
Human capital and labor informality in developing countries Labor Education, Employment, Human capital, Informality
The dynamic role of specific experience in the selection of self-employment versus wage employment Labor Chile, Employment, Job mobility, Self-employment
Job training, selection and self discovery Labor Employment, Job search, Job training programs, Labor market
Old-age government transfers and the crowding out of private gifts: the "70 plus" program for the rural elderly in Mexico Labor, Fiscal Policy, Public and Welfare Economics Elderly, Mexico, Social security , Transfers
Producing higher quality jobs: enforcement of mandated benefits across Brazilian cities between 1996-2007 Labor, Demographic Economics and Migration Brazil, Employment, Labor regulation, Social policy, Wages
Labor vulnerability and the evolution of the working poor in Mexico Labor Education, Employment, Labor income, Mexico, Poverty
Is entrepreneurship inherited? A study of intergenerational mobility in Mexico Labor Entrepreneurship, Formal sector, Mexico, Social Mobility
Study on the competitiveness of the Mexican sugar industry Agricultural - Natural Resource Economics Competitiveness, Industry, Mexico, Sugar
The effect of trade and FDI on inter-industry wage differentials: the case of Mexico Globalization - Trade, Labor, Microeconomics - Competition - Productivity Foreign Direct Investment, Mexico, Trade liberalization, Wage inequality
Relaxing credit contraints in emerging economies: the impact of public loans on the performance of Brazilian firms Financial Economics, Microeconomics - Competition - Productivity Credit constraints, Firms, Productivity, Public policy
The longevity of famous people from hammurabi to einstein Education - Health, Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Economic development , Health, History and Economy