Gender Economics

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Heterogeneity in Talent or in Tastes? Implications for Redistributive Taxation Fiscal Policy - Public and Welfare Economics Income inequality, Taxation
Formal Employment and Organized Crime: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Colombia Conflict, Crime and Violence, Labor Colombia, Crime, Informality
Toward an Understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility: Theory and Field Experimental Evidence Microeconomics - Competition - Productivity, Theory Firm performance, Firms National Bureau of Economic Research
Poverty Alleviation Strategies Under Informality: Evidence for Latin America Labor, Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Inequality, Informality, Latin America, Poverty National Bureau of Economic Research
Dynamic Social Interactions and Health Risk Behavior Education - Health Behavioral Economics, Health, Social Mobility National Bureau of Economic Research
What Works for Active Labor Market Policies? Labor Labor policies, Wages Harvard University
Seguridad ciudadana. Lecturas fundamentales Conflict, Crime and Violence Crime, Social protection, Social security CAF
Modern Monetary Theory: Cautionary Tales from Latin America Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy Central Bank, Inflation, Latin America, Monetary policy
The Political Economy of Testing in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa Politics and Economy Latin America, Political economy Center for Global Development
Disincentives from Redistribution: Evidence on a Dividend of Democracy Politics and Economy Incentives, Redistribution University of Copenhagen
The green future of electricity: The case of Uruguay and The European Union Institutions and Development Energy, Uruguay
Gender differences in giving and the anticipation-about-giving in dictator games Gender Economics Gender, Politics
Designing Good Labour Market Institutions: How to Reconcile Flexibility, Productivity and Security? Labor Labor market, Skill premium, Social protection Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Fooled by the Cycle: Permanent versus Cyclical Improvements in Social Indicators Theory Income dynamics, Social welfare, Unemployment National Bureau of Economic Research
Rural poverty reduction in the 21st century Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Poverty, Poverty reduction International Policy Center for Inclusive Growth
Seguridad alimentaria en América Latina y el Caribe Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness Food security, Inequality, Water Inter-American Development Bank
The Interplay of Economic, Social and Political Fragmentation Demographic Economics - Migration Behavioral Economics, Social Mobility
Generating Gridded Agricultural Gross Domestic Product for Brazil Agricultural - Natural Resource Economics Agriculture, Brazil The World Bank
Jobs for Growth Labor Economic growth, Job mobility, Labor market Inter-American Development Bank
Preferred and Non-Preferred Creditors Financial Economics Debt, Financial development, Financial institutions The World Bank