History and Economics

Title Year All terms Year
US Immigration from Latin America in Historical Perspective 2022 History and Economy, Latin America, Migration 2022
Religion in Economic History: A Survey 2020 Research, Social policy 2020
Happiness and Life Satisfaction 2017 Life satisfaction 2017
Despojo Salarial y Pueblos Originarios. Panorama Actual del Valor del Trabajo Usando la Encuesta CASEN 2016 Chile, Inequality, Research 2016
The Rise of the Middle Class, Brazil (1839-1950) 2016 Brazil, Inequality, Middle Classes 2016
The Antecedents and Aftermath of Financial Crises as told by Carlos F. Díaz Alejandro 2015 Economic history, Financial crisis, History and Economy 2015
Trends in Longevity in the Americas: Disparities in Life Expectancy in Women and Men, 1965-2010 2015 Gender, Latin America, Life satisfaction 2015
Latin American Economic History: looking backwards for the future 2015 Economic history, Latin America, Political economy 2015
Latin American Export Structure and the US Growth Spillover Effect in the Great Recession 2015 Business cycles, Exports, Latin America, Recession 2015
Agriculture, incomes, and gender in Latin America by 2050: An assessment of climate change impacts and household resilience for Brazil, Mexico, and Peru 2015 Agriculture, Brazil, Climate change, Gender, Latin America, Mexico, Peru 2015
Growth under extractive institutions? Latin American per capita GDP in colonial times 2015 Economic growth, History and Economy, Latin America 2015
The impact of race and inequality on human capital formation in Latin America during the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries 2014 Economic growth, History and Economy, Human capital, Inequality, Latin America 2014
Engineers, innovative capacity and development in the Americas 2014 Economic growth, Human capital, Information technology, Innovation, Political economy 2014
Sovereign and sub-sovereign default risk: is there a link in a federal state? Argentina 1997-2001 2013 Bond market, Emerging markets, Fiscal descentralization, Sovereign debt 2013
Varieties of sovereign crises: Latin America, 1820-1931 2013 Default, Latin America, Liquidity, Sovereign debt 2013
Colonizer identity, settlement conditions, and early mercantilism: do they matter for modern development? 2013 Economic growth, History and Economy, Political institutions, Social welfare 2013
No reversal of fortune in the long run: geography and spatial persistence of prosperity in Colombia, 1500-2005 2013 Colombia, Economic growth, History and Economy, Political institutions 2013