Labor, Demographic Economics and Migration

Title Year All terms Produced by
Inefficient Short-Time Work 2017 Labor market, Unemployment insurance Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Measuring the Cost of Salaried Labor in Latin America and the Caribbean 2017 Labor income, Labor market, Latin America and Caribbean Inter-American Development Bank
Rising to the youth employment challenge: New evidence on key policy issues 2017 Employment, International context, Labor market International Labour Office
Child schooling and child work in the presence of a partial education subsidy 2017 Child labor, Conditional Cash Transfers, Education The World Bank
El mundo de los servicios públicos de empleo 2017 Labor market, Labor regulation, Public sector Inter-American Development Bank
Impact of a work-study programme for teenagers: evidence from a randomized controlled trial 2017 Education, Impact evaluation, Job training programs, Labor participation Universidad de la República - Uruguay
City Size, Distance and Formal Employment Creation 2017 Formal sector, Labor market CAF
Housing Subsidies, Labor Supply and Household Welfare. Experimental Evidence from Argentina 2017 Argentina, Household finances, Labor supply, Welfare CAF
High-skilled workers´ segregation and productivity in Latin American cities 2017 Labor market, Latin America, Productivity, Skill premium CAF
Integrating Early-life Shocks and Human Capital Investments on Children´s Education 2017 Conditional Cash Transfers, Education, Human capital, Latin America CAF
People Versus Machines: The Impact of Minimum Wages on Automatable Jobs 2017 Innovation, Labor market, Minimum wage National Bureau of Economic Research
El impacto del comercio con China en los mercados laborales locales de Chile 2017 Chile, China, Labor market, Trade
Selection on Ability and the Early Career Growth in the Gender Wage Gap 2017 Gender wage gap, Labor force Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Migración de talentos como estrategia de desarrollo: México-Japón 2017 Human capital, Labor market, Migration Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Do Remittances Promote Labor Productivity Growth in Mexico? An Empirical Analysis, 1970-2014 2017 Labor market, Mexico, Productivity
Differences between self-employed and employed mothers in balancing family and work responsibilities: Evidence from Latin American countries 2017 Childcare, Latin America, Self-employment Munich Personal RePEc Archive
The Bilateral Relationship between Depressive Symptoms and Employment Status 2017 Health, Labor market, Unemployment Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Evolving Wage Cyclicality in Latin America 2017 Latin America, Wage inequality Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Using your ties to get a worse job? The differential effects of social networks on quality of employment: Evidence from Colombia 2017 Colombia, Employment, Social Mobility Munich Personal RePEc Archive
Wage Rigidities in Colombia: Measurement, Causes, and Policy Implications 2017 Colombia, Unemployment, Wages Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)