Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy

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The Distributional Implications of short-term Income Mobility: Evidence for Latin America 2023 Income distribution, Latin America and Caribbean
Does monetary policy affect the net interest margin of credit institutions? Evidence from Colombia 2023 Credit, Interest rates, Monetary policy Banco de la República de Colombia
Monetary Policy and Portfolio Flows in an Emerging Market Economy 2023 Emerging markets, Monetary policy Banco de la República de Colombia
Tres Décadas en Diez Gráficos: El Desarrollo Inclusivo en América Latina a la Luz de las Encuestas de Hogares 2023 Education, Employment, Latin America Centro de Estudios Distributivos, Laborales y Sociales (CEDLAS)
The Impact of Subsidy Delivery Method on Savings Behavior: Experimental Evidence 2023 Banking, Financial access, Saving Universidad de Chile
Financial Inclusion, Economic Development, and Inequality: Evidence from Brazil 2023 Brazil, Economic development , Financial inclusion, Inequality
Closing Peru's Ethnic Gaps Amidst Sustained Economic Growth 2023 Economic growth, Ethnicity International Monetary Fund
Latin America's Hard-to-Escape Stagnation Trap 2023 Economic development , Income inequality Center for Global Development
Preparing the Macroeconomic Terrain for Renewed Growth 2023 Latin America and Caribbean, Macroeconomic Policy, Macroeconomics Inter-American Development Bank
Bringing Latin America into the Mainstream: The 1963 Rio de Janeiro Conference on Inflation and Growth 2022 Brazil, Economic growth, Inflation
El rol de la diaspora en la internalización de la economía Colombiana 2023 Colombia, Foreign Direct Investment Harvard University
Time Series for Macroeconomics and Finance 2023 Financial development, Macroeconomics University of Chicago
Growth Performance of Middle-Income Countries: East Asia vs. Latin America 2023 Economic growth, Latin America Center for Global Development
Dealing with Debt: Less Risk for More Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean 2023 Debt, Economic growth, Latin America and Caribbean Inter-American Development Bank
Public policy for women's financial inclusion and social mobility in Mexico 2022 Financial inclusion, Public policy
Chile y el Desarrollo Económico 2022 Chile, Economic development Universidad de Chile
Latin American Falls, Rebounds and Tail Risks 2022 Business cycles, Latin America Banco de la República de Colombia
The effects of Monetary Policy on Capital Flows A Meta-Analysis 2022 Capital flows, Monetary policy Banco de la República de Colombia
The Impact of COVID-19 on Living Standards: Addressing the Challenges of Nowcasting Unprecedented Macroeconomic Shocks with Scant Data and Uncharted Economic Behavior 2022 COVID-19, Inequality, Latin America, Poverty Tulane University
Pequeños empujones para América Latina y el Caribe: una década de mejorar la política pública con la economía del comportamiento 2022 Behavioral Economics, Public policy Inter-American Development Bank