Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy

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International and domestic interactions of macroprudential and monetary policies: the case of Chile 2020 Chile, Macroeconomic Policy, Macroeconomics , Monetary policy Banco Central de Chile
Inclusive growth without structural transformation? The case of Brazil 2020 Brazil, Economic growth, Structural change United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN/DESA)
Economic and cultural determinants of elite attitudes toward redistribution 2020 Inequality, Redistribution, Social policy London School of Economics
Endogenous lifetime, intergenerational mobility and economic development 2020 Economic development , Income inequality Munich Personal RePEc Archive
El impacto de la COVID-19 en América Latina: se requieren respuestas fuera del libreto 2020 COVID-19, Economic crisis, Financial crisis, Fiscal deficit, Latin America
Economic Policy Incentives to Preserve Lives and Livelihoods 2020 COVID-19, Economic development , Health National Bureau of Economic Research
Social and economic impact of the COVID-19 and policy options in Honduras 2020 COVID-19, Economic crisis, Financial crisis, Fiscal deficit, Public policy United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN/DESA)
Costs and Trade-Offs in the Fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Developing Country Perspective 2020 COVID-19, Developing countries, Economic crisis The World Bank
Macroeconomic Policy in the Time of COVID-19 : A Primer for Developing Countries 2020 Developing countries, Health, Macroeconomic Policy The World Bank
How Two Tests Can Help Contain COVID-19 and Revive the Economy 2020 Economic crisis, Economic development , Health The World Bank
Breaking Up: Experimental Insights into Economic (Dis)Integration 2020 Globalization, Social policy
The Chilean economy since the return to democracy in 1990. On how to get an emerging economy growing, and then sink slowly into the quicksand of a “middle-income trap” 2019 Chile, Economic growth
The impacts of social protection benefits on behaviours potentially related to economic growth: a literature review 2019 Behavioral Economics, Economic growth, Social protection International Policy Center for Inclusive Growth
Modern Monetary Theory: Cautionary Tales from Latin America 2019 Central Bank, Inflation, Latin America, Monetary policy
Una Política Mínima de Desarrollo Productivo para Chile: Una alternativa al estancamiento 2019 Economic growth, Exchange rates, Trade policy Universidad de Chile
New Stuff or Better Ways: What Matters to Access International Markets? 2019 Exports, Innovation
Crime and Economic Growth: A Case Study of Manaus, Brazil 2019 Brazil, Crime, Economic growth University of Sao Paulo
Financing development in Latin America and the Caribbean: The role and perspectives of multilateral development banks 2019 Banking, Financial development, Latin America and Caribbean
A new societal contract 2019 Inequality, Innovation, Welfare
Ensayos Sobre Desarrollo Sostenible. La Dimensión Económica de la Agenda 2030 en la Argentina 2019 Argentina, Economic development United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN/DESA)