Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy

Title Year All terms Produced by
Overvaluation of the real exchange rate and the Dutch Disease: the Colombian case 2013 Capital flows, Colombia, Dutch disease, Exchange rates, Mining, extraction, and refining Universidad EAFIT
The mechanics of real undervaluation and growth 2013 Economic growth, Exchange rates, Exports
Dollarization and the relationship between EMBI and fundamentals in Latin American countries 2014 Dollarization , Emerging markets, Latin America Universitat de Barcelona
Engineers, innovative capacity and development in the Americas 2014 Economic growth, Human capital, Information technology, Innovation, Political economy The World Bank
Peruvian miracle: good luck or good policies? 2013 Economic growth, International context, Latin America, Peru Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
Institutions, Human Capital and Development 2014 Economic growth, History and Economy, Human capital, Political institutions Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Bonanzas temporales de recursos: una perspectiva global 2014 Capital flows, Dutch disease, Exports, Industry Fedesarrollo
The Latin American Saving Gap 2012 Economic growth, Latin America, Macroeconomic stability, Saving Asociación Nacional de Centros de Posgrado en Economía, Brasil
Prices and supply disruptions during natural disasters 2013 Microeconomics, Natural disasters
Local government spending and the fiscal multiplier: evidence from Brazil 2013 Fiscal policy, Local government, Public expenditure
Heterogeneity and government revenues: does tax progressivity matter? 2013
Sovereign and sub-sovereign default risk: is there a link in a federal state? Argentina 1997-2001 2013 Bond market, Emerging markets, Fiscal descentralization, Sovereign debt
Sovereign default risk and commitment for fiscal adjustment 2013 Fiscal policy, Sovereign debt
Varieties of sovereign crises: Latin America, 1820-1931 2013 Default, Latin America, Liquidity, Sovereign debt
A small open economy model of unconventional monetary policies 2013 Monetary policy
Monetary-fiscal policy interactions: interdependent policy rule coefficients 2013 Fiscal policy, Monetary policy
Wicksell versus Taylor: a quest for determinacy and the (ir)relevance of the Taylor principle 2013 Monetary policy
External integration, structural transformation and internal development: evidence from Argentina 2013 Argentina, Economic growth
Monetary policy consequences of foreing exchange interventions 2013
Demand expectations and the timing of stimulus policies 2013 Macroeconomic Policy