Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy

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External integration, structural transformation and internal development: evidence from Argentina 2013 Argentina, Economic growth
Monetary policy consequences of foreing exchange interventions 2013
Demand expectations and the timing of stimulus policies 2013 Macroeconomic Policy
Oil-dependent revenues and macroeconomic stability under fiscal and monetary rules: an analysis for Mexico 2013
Macroeconomic fluctuations and forward yield curve 2013 Assets, Economic cycle
Fiscal policy in a small open economy with oil sector and non-ricardian agents 2013 Fiscal policy, Small open economy
Money supply mechanism and the interbank market in Colombia 2013 Colombia, Interbank market, Monetary policy
Welfare effects and the political support for fiscal rules 2013
Estimating contract indexation in a financial accelerator model 2013 Business cycles, Debt, Financial institutions
Informal employment, income distribution and fiscal policy 2013 Colombia, Income distribution, Taxation
Are long-term inflation expectations well-anchored in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico? 2013 Brazil, Chile, Inflation targeting, Mexico
Macroprudential rules in small open economies 2013 Exchange rates, Macroeconomic Policy, Small open economy, Volatility
Public debt and economic growth: is there a causal effect? 2013 Debt, Economic development , International finance
Determining optimal public debt and debt-growth dynamics in the Caribbean 2013 Debt, Latin America and Caribbean, Macroeconomic Policy, Public finance
Optimal government spending at the zero lower bound for a small open economy 2013 Exchange rates, Monetary policy, Public expenditure
A cycle-adjusted fiscal rule for sustainable and more equitable growth in Argentina 2013 Argentina, Economic growth, Public expenditure
Four decades of terms-of-trade booms: saving-investment patterns and a new metric of income windfall 2013 Latin America, Saving, Terms of trade, Windfall