Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy

Title Year All terms Produced by
Capital (and Earnings) Incentives for Loan Loss Provisions in Brazil: evidence from a crisis-buffering regulatory intervention 2018 Banking, Brazil, Debt Banco Central do Brasil
Income inequality, growth and elite taxation in Brazil: new evidence combining survey and fiscal data, 2001–2015 2018 Brazil, Economic growth, Fiscal policy, Taxation United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN/DESA)
Segundo informe anual sobre el progreso y los desafíos regionales de la Agenda 2030 para el Desarrollo Sostenible en América Latina y el Caribe 2018 Economic development , Latin America and Caribbean
The Transmission of Commodity Price Super-Cycles 2018 Commodity prices, Labor market, Skill premium
Perú frente a Colombia y Chile. Desarrollos distintos en la Alianza del Pacífico 2018 Competitiveness, Economic growth, Inequality Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Paraguay: Is Good Macro Policy Enough to Ensure Adequate Resilience to Adverse External Shocks? How Does It Compare to Other Emerging Markets? 2018 Emerging markets, Fiscal policy, Macroeconomic Policy Center for Global Development
Centroamérica y la República Dominicana: evolución económica en 2017 y perspectivas para 2018. Balance preliminar 2018 Central America, Economic growth
Strengthening Argentina’s integration in the global economy: policy proposals for trade, investment, and competition 2018 Argentina, Economic growth, Foreign Direct Investment, Trade Agreements The World Bank
Crecimiento urbano y acceso a oportunidades: un desafío para América Latina 2018 Economic development , Land use, Latin America CAF
Behavioral Inattention 2018 Behavioral Economics, Financial development, Macroeconomics , Microeconomics National Bureau of Economic Research
The Adjustment to Commodity Price Shocks in Chile, Colombia, and Peru 2017 Chile, Colombia, Commodity prices, Monetary policy International Monetary Fund
Microfinance and economic development 2017 Economic development , Microfinance The World Bank
Growth and regional disparities in the Southern Cone, 1890-1960 2017 Economic growth, Income inequality
Empirical Findings on Inflation Expectations in Brazil: a survey 2017 Brazil, Inflation expectations, Monetary policy Banco Central do Brasil
A Study on Economic Growth Convergence and Human Capital: Updating an Empirical Study 2017 Economic growth, Human capital, Productivity
Nicaragua Paving the Way to Faster Growth and Inclusion 2017 Economic development , Nicaragua The World Bank
Estimating the Size of the Informal Economy in Caribbean States 2017 Informality, Macroeconomic Policy Inter-American Development Bank
Flujos netos de capital, choques macroeconómicos y activos de reservas. El caso argentino (1994-2013) 2017 Argentina, Capital flows, International finance, Macroeconomics
The Republic of Chile Systematic Country Diagnostic: Transitioning to a Prosperous Society 2017 Chile, Economic development , Macroeconomics The World Bank
Estimation of price and income elasticities for the Brazilian household electricity demand 2017 Brazil, Energy, Income inequality University of Sao Paulo