Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy

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What if Brazil Hadn't Floated the Real in 1999? 2016 Brazil, Inflation, Inflation targeting, Monetary policy PUC Rio
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The Penn Effect Revisited: New Evidence from Latin America 2016 Exchange rates, Latin America, Productivity Munich Personal RePEc Archive
Exploring the link between Innovation and Growth in Chilean firms 2016 Chile, Firm performance, Innovation
What drives inflation expectations in Brazil? Public versus private information 2016 Brazil, Inflation Bank of International Settlements
Comparing the Transmission of Monetary Policy Shocks in Latin America: A Hierarchical Panel VAR 2016 Latin America, Monetary policy
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Choques Macroeconómicos y Retos de la Política Monetaria 2014-2015 2016 Macroeconomic Policy, Monetary policy Banco de la República de Colombia
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