Macroeconomics - Economic growth - Monetary Policy

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Financial Development and Output Growth in Developing Asia and Latin America: A Comparative Sectoral Analysis 2015 Developing countries, Financial development, Latin America National Bureau of Economic Research
What is Behind Latin America’s Declining Income Inequality? 2015 Emerging markets, Income inequality, Latin America International Monetary Fund
Non-Residential Capital Stock in Latin America (1875 – 2008) 2015 Capital markets, Efficiency, Latin America Universitat Pompeu Fabra
On the Development Gap between Latin America and East Asia: Welfare, Efficiency, and Misallocation 2015 Efficiency, Latin America, Welfare Munich Personal RePEc Archive
The International Transmission of Risk: Causal Relations Among Developed and Emerging Countries’ Term Premia 2015 Emerging markets, International context, Latin America, Sovereign debt Banco de la República de Colombia
Brazil and China: Two Routes of Economic Development 2015 Brazil, China, Economic development , Income inequality
Output Gap Uncertainty and Real-Time Monetary Policy 2015 Business cycles, Inflation targeting, Latin America, Monetary policy International Monetary Fund
Latin American Growth in the 21st Century: The "Commodities Boom" That Wasn't 2015 Commodity prices, Economic growth, Latin America Centre for Economic Policy Research
Unions and Economic Performance in Developing Countries: Case Studies from Latin America 2015 Developing countries, Investment, Latin America, Productivity Levy Economics Institute
Benchmarking the Determinants of Economic Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean 2015 Economic growth, Governance, Latin America and Caribbean, Poverty reduction The World Bank
Monetary policy independence under flexible exchange rates: An illusion? 2015 Chile, Colombia, Exchange rates, Latin America, Macroeconomic Policy, Monetary policy National Bureau of Economic Research
Inflation Targeting in Latin America 2015 Inflation targeting, Latin America Fedesarrollo
On the Interaction Between Economic Growth and Business Cycles 2015 Business cycles, Economic growth, Latin America, Unemployment
The Latin American Efficiency Gap 2015 Efficiency, Income inequality, Latin America
Latin American inequality: Colonial origins, commodity booms, or a missed 20th century leveling? 2015 History and Economy, Inequality, Latin America National Bureau of Economic Research
The Changing Patterns of Financial Integration in Latin America 2015 Capital flows, Financial inclusion, Foreign Direct Investment, Investment, Latin America, Trade The World Bank
Inferring inflation expectations from fixed-event forecasts 2015 Inflation targeting, Latin America, Macroeconomic Policy Banco Central del Perú
Discretion Rather than Simple Rules: the Case of Social Protection 2015 Informality, Latin America, Social protection
Macroeconomic Effects of Credit Deepening in Latin America 2015 Credit, Latin America, Macroeconomics Inter-American Development Bank
Antipoverty Transfers and Inclusive Growth in Brazil 2015 Brazil, Economic growth, Poverty