Microeconomics - Competition - Productivity

Title Year All terms Produced by
Effects of the entry of food delivery apps in the restaurant industry: evidence from Brazil 2023 Food security University of Sao Paulo
Export Market Size Matters: The effect of the market size of export destinations on manufacturing growth 2022 Exports, Manufacturing, Trade Universidad EAFIT
How do firms innovate in Latin America? 2022 Innovation, Latin America
Los impactos de la inclusión financiera en los micronegocios: factores que explican aumentos en los ingresos y crecimiento de los negocios 2022 Colombia, Financial inclusion, Firms Universidad del Rosario
Healthier Firms for a Stronger Recovery: Policies to Support Business and Jobs in Latin America and the Caribbean 2022 Economic growth, Firm performance, Labor market, Latin America and Caribbean Inter-American Development Bank
Informal versus Formal: Microfirms' Productivity Gaps 2022 Firm performance, Firms, Informality, Productivity Universidad del Rosario
Local Retail Prices, Product Varieties and Neighborhood Change 2022 Competitiveness, Household finances Banco Central del Uruguay
Market Concentration, Market Fragmentation, and Inequality in Latin America 2021 Inequality, Latin America, Market structure, Productivity United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN/DESA)
The Performance of Privatized Utilities: Evidence from Latin America 2021 Latin America, Technical efficiency Munich Personal RePEc Archive
Una revisión para el Perú de la relación entre el desempleo, el subempleo y la producción 2021 Peru, Unemployment Universidad Católica de Colombia
Innovation Behavior of Salvadoran Food & Beverage Industry Firms 2021 Innovation Universidad Católica de Colombia
Sectoral real exchange rates and manufacturing exports: A case study of Latin America 2021 Exchange rates, Latin America, Manufacturing, Trade Universidad EAFIT
Productive Ecosystems and the arrow of development 2021 Economic growth, Productivity
Fair and Inclusive Markets: Why Dynamism Matters 2021 Competitiveness, Income inequality, Innovation, Manufacturing International Monetary Fund
Mixed Oligopoly and Market Power Mitigation: Evidence from the Colombian Wholesale Electricity Market 2021 Colombia, Competitiveness, Energy Universitat de Barcelona
The Endogenous Formation of Common Pool Resource Coalitions 2021 Chile, Research
Price, sales, and the business cycle: a time series principal component analysis 2021 Price discrimination, Unemployment Banco Central del Uruguay
Comercio internacional de alimentos durante la pandemia. Un acercamiento para promover sistemas agroalimentarios resilientes y sostenibles 2020 International context, Trade RIMISP Centro Latinoamericano para el desarrollo Rural
Rising Staple Prices and Food Insecurity: The Case of the Mexican Tortilla 2020 Household finances, Mexico Banco de la República de Colombia
Equal and Unequal Profit Sharing in Highly Interdependent Work Groups: A Laboratory Experiment 2020 Productivity Barcelona Graduate School of Economics