Microeconomics - Competition - Productivity

Title Year All terms Produced by
The Long-Awaited Rise of the Middle Class in Latin America Is Finally Happening 2017 Inequality, Latin America, Middle Classes, Skill premium Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Does Foreign Trade Facilitation Improve Firms’ Export Performance? A Microeconomic Analysis of Chilean Manufacturing Plants 2017 Chile, Exports, Terms of trade, Trade
Measuring firm size distribution with semi-nonparametric densities 2017 Firm performance, Productivity Universidad EAFIT
Panama beyond the Canal: Using technological proximities to identify opportunities for productive diversification 2017 Economic growth, Productivity Harvard University
Boosting Productivity and Inclusive Growth in Latin America 2016 Investment, Latin America, Productivity, Public policy Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD)
El impacto del Programa de Crédito para el Desarrollo de la Producción y el Empleo en la Provincia de San Juan 2016 Credit, Economic development , Labor market Inter-American Development Bank
Hipótesis de ingreso permanente y consumo en Colombia 1952-2014 2016 Colombia, Macroeconomic Policy, Saving Universidad Nacional de Colombia
IDeAL 2013. La Infraestructura en el Desarrollo Integral de América Latina. Productividad social y financiamiento de la inversión en infraestructura 2016 Economic development , Infrastructure, Latin America, Productivity CAF
Devaluation, competitiveness and new business formation in emerging countries 2016 Business cycles, Competitiveness, Devaluation, Emerging markets Universidad EAFIT
Prices and Competition: Evidence from a Social Program 2016 Market structure, Price discrimination, Social policy Universidad de la República - Uruguay
Productivity Measures for the Colombian Manufacturing Industry 2016 Colombia, Manufacturing, Productivity Banco de la República de Colombia
Increased trade openness, productivity, employment and wages: a difference-in-differences approach 2016 Job mobility, Productivity, Wages
Collective Property Leads to Household Investments: Lessons from Land Titling in Afro-Colombian Communities 2016 Colombia, Land use Universidad de los Andes
La política industrial en la Argentina durante la década de 2000 2016 Argentina, Industrial policies
Crecimiento económico y productividad en América Latina. Una perspectiva por industria, según la base de datos LA-KLEMS 2016 Economic growth, Latin America, Productivity
The Effect of Trade Protection on Productivity in Uruguay 2016 Productivity, Trade Universidad de la República - Uruguay
Productivity, social expenditure and income distribution in Latin America 2016 Income distribution, Latin America, Productivity, Social spending
Relevance of management practices for support of Brazilian farming business growth and the regional development 2015 Agriculture, Competitiveness, Regional economics
Spatio-temporal persistence of municipal rates of business start-ups in Chile 2015 Chile, Entrepreneurship, Regional economics Universidad Católica de Chile
Determinants and home-country effects of FDI outflows: Evidence from Latin American countries 2015 Foreign Direct Investment, Latin America