Microeconomics - Competition - Productivity

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The formation of new firms: An ordered probit model approach for Latin American and Caribbean Countries 2015 Credit, Education, Governance, Income distribution, Latin America and Caribbean, Trade Universidad Católica de Colombia
“Diagnóstico del desarrollo” en países de renta media a partir de las brechas estructurales: El caso de América Latina y el Caribe 2015 Developing countries, Economic development , Latin America and Caribbean
Fiscal policy, inequality and the ethnic divide in Guatemala 2015 Ethnicity, Fiscal policy, Guatemala, Inequality, Social spending, Taxes Society for the Study of Economic Inequality (ECINEQ)
Innovation and productivity in services: Empirical evidence from Latin America 2015 Developing countries, Innovation, Latin America, Productivity
Is access to credit a constraint for Latin American enterprises? An empirical analysis with firm-level data 2015 Banking, Credit constraints, Financial crisis, Latin America Money and Finance Research Group(MoFiR)
Privatization of telecommunications in Latin America, an analysis of its efficiency 2015 Efficiency, Latin America, Private sector
Output Growth and Commodity Prices in Latin America: What Has Changed? 2014 Business cycles, Commodity prices, Economic growth, Latin America, Structural change
Innovative Activity in the Caribbean: Drivers, Benefits, and Obstacles 2014 Developing countries, Innovation, Investment, Latin America and Caribbean, Productivity IPAG Business School
Patterns of Structural Change in Developing Countries 2014 Economic development , Economic growth, Latin America, Structural change University of Groningen
Local poverty reduction in Chile and Mexico: The role of food manufacturing growth 2014 Economic growth, Local development, Poverty, Poverty reduction, Private sector Universidad Ibero Ciudad de México
Why Don’t Poor Countries Do R&D? 2014 Education, Information technology, Innovation, Research, Technology Transfer
Innovation and Productivity in Services: Empirical Evidence from Latin America 2014 Firm performance, Innovation, Latin America, Manufacturing, Productivity Inter-American Development Bank
Working Together in Pursuit of Inclusive Business: Sharing the Latin American and Caribbean Experience with Asia and the Pacific 2013 Human capital, Industry, Infrastructure, Latin America and Caribbean, Natural resources, Private sector, Productivity, Trade Inter-American Development Bank
Mortality of firms: the impact of human capital, social capital, managerial practices and gender of the entrepreneur 2014 Entrepreneurship, Human capital, Latin America, Private sector INSPER - Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa
Competitiveness in the Latin American manufacturing sector: trends and determinants 2014 Competitiveness, Exports, Latin America, Manufacturing
Patentes y Crecimiento Económico: ¿Innovación de Residentes o No Residentes? 2014
Dealing with Cross-Firm Heterogeneity in Bank Efficiency Estimates: Some evidence from Latin America 2014 Banking, Financial institutions, Latin America
Labor Market Issues in the Caribbean: Scope to Mobilize Employment Growth 2014 Business cycles, Economic growth, Employment, Exports, Labor market International Monetary Fund
Culture, competition, and hapiness 2014 Life satisfaction, Productivity, Social welfare
Replacement Cycles, Income Distribution, and Dynamic Price Discrimination 2014 Durable goods, Monopoly, Price discrimination INSPER - Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa