Microeconomics - Competition - Productivity

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¿Las cooperativas de trabajadores degeneran? 2014 Productivity, Uruguay, Wages, worker-managed firms Universidad de la República - Uruguay
Regional inequalities in the impact of broadband on productivity: Evidence from Brazil 2014 Brazil, Information technology, Media, Press and Internet, Productivity, Regional economics Munich Personal RePEc Archive
Una Argentina Competitiva, Productiva y Federal 2013 Agriculture, Argentina, Competitiveness, Exports, Productivity IERAL of Mediterranean Foundation
Engineers, innovative capacity and development in the Americas 2014 Economic growth, Human capital, Information technology, Innovation, Political economy The World Bank
Competitiveness in the Latin American manufacturing sector. Trends and determinants 2014 Competitiveness, Exports, Latin America, Manufacturing BBVA Research
Factores asociados al comportamiento exportador de las PyMES industriales argentinas 2014 Argentina, Exports, Industry, Private sector, Trade Universidad Nacional del Mar del Plata
Legalize, tax and deter: optimal enforcement policies for corruptible officials 2013 Corruption, Incentives, Law enforcement
Does workers’ control affect firm survival? Evidence from Uruguay 2012
Bank credit and productivity: evidence from Mexican firms 2013
Relaxing credit contraints in emerging economies: the impact of public loans on the performance of Brazilian firms 2013 Credit constraints, Firms, Productivity, Public policy
Market separation, negative consumption externalities and capacity constraints: when do consumers end better off? 2013 Firm performance, Market structure
Liquidity constraints, competition, and markup cyclicality 2013 Competitiveness, Firm performance, Industry, Private sector, Productivity
Small is not beautiful: firm-level evidence of the link between credit, firm size, and competitiveness in Colombia 2013 Colombia, Competitiveness, Credit, Private sector
Young businesses, entrepreneurship, and the dynamics of employment and output in Colombia's manufacturing industry 2013 Colombia, Entrepreneurship, Industry, Private sector
Credit scarcity in developing countries: an empirical investigation using Brazilian firm-level data 2013 Brazil, Credit constraints, Developing countries, Entrepreneurship, Financial access, Private sector
The effect of trade and FDI on inter-industry wage differentials: the case of Mexico 2013 Foreign Direct Investment, Mexico, Trade liberalization, Wage inequality
Science, technology and innovation in Peru 2000-2012: the case of services 2013 Innovation, Peru, Public policy