Politics and Economy

Title Year All terms Produced by
Rooting for the Same Team: On the Interplay between Political and Social Identities in the Formation of Social Ties 2023 Checks and balances, Electoral incentives, Presidential vote in Latin America
Citizen Participation and Political Trust in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Machine Learning Approach 2023 Latin America and Caribbean, Political economy The World Bank
Policy mix in a small open emerging economy with commodity prices 2023 Commodity prices, Emerging markets
Decentralized Governance and Climate Change in Latin America and the Caribbean 2022 Climate change, Fiscal descentralization, Latin America and Caribbean
¿Mandato del cielo? Dinastías políticas y desarrollo económico local en Colombia 2022 Conditional Cash Transfers, Economic growth, Politics Universidad de los Andes
The governance of civil aviation authorities in Latin American countries: Evidence from ICAO’s North American, Central American and Caribbean and South American regions 2022 Accountability, Latin America, Regulation Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD)
Social Media and the Behavior of Politicians: Evidence from Facebook in Brazil 2022 Behavioral Economics, Brazil, Politics National Bureau of Economic Research
Transactional Governance Structures: New Cross-Country Data and an Application to the Effect of Uncertainty 2022 Governance, Trade, Transport costs The World Bank
Female Political Representation and Violence Against Women: Evidence from Brazil 2022 Electoral incentives, Gender, Political economy, Violence Universidad de Chile
Denialism, Politics and the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil: an empirical analysis on observational data 2022 Brazil, COVID-19, Politics
COVID-19 in Uruguay: A survey of policy responses and their impact 2022 COVID-19, Impact evaluation Banco Central del Uruguay
Trust and Public Support for the Colombian Peace Agreement 2022 Colombia, Conflict and violence
Estados ágiles para la recuperación: Implicancias para los gobiernos de América Latina 2021 Economic growth, Governance, Government Programs, Latin America CAF
Does Social Media cause Polarization? Evidence from access to Twitter Echo Chambers during the 2019 Argentine Presidential Debate 2021 Electoral incentives, Presidential vote in Latin America National Bureau of Economic Research
The Impact of Individual Wealth on Posterior Political Power 2021 Argentina, Politics Munich Personal RePEc Archive
When Do Politicians Appeal Broadly? The Economic Consequences of Electoral Rules in Brazil 2021 Brazil, Electoral incentives, Politics, Presidential vote in Latin America International Monetary Fund
(Successful) Democracies Breed Their Own Support 2021 Democracy, Economic growth, Politics National Bureau of Economic Research
The political economy of social protection adoption 2021 Political economy, Social protection Munich Personal RePEc Archive
Winners and Losers When Private Banks Distribute Government Loans : Evidence from Earmarked Credit in Brazil 2021 Brazil, Credit, Debt The World Bank
How important are abstainers in presidential elections? A comparative analysis between Africa and Latin America 2021 Agriculture, Electoral incentives, Presidential vote in Latin America