Politics and Economy

Title Year All terms Produced by
Roots of Autocracy 2017 Political institutions, Politics National Bureau of Economic Research
Public expenditures and debt at the subnational level: Evidence of fiscal smoothing from Argentina 2017 Argentina, Debt, Fiscal policy, Public expenditure CAF
Political approval ratings and economic performance: evidence from Latin America 2017 Economic growth, Government Programs, Latin America
Political settlements, natural resource extraction, and inclusion in Bolivia 2017 Bolivia, Natural resources, Political economy
“En Dios Confiamos”: Politics, Populism, and Protestantism in Daniel Ortega’s Nicaragua 2017 Nicaragua, Political economy, Politics
Money and Politics: The Effects of Campaign Spending Limits on Political Competition and Incumbency Advantage 2017 Political economy, Politics PUC Rio
Frustration and Voting Behavior: Evidence from Stock Market Data 2017 Research, Voting behavior PUC Rio
Estado del arte del enfoque multidimensional de las políticas públicas para la reducción de la pobreza rural 2017 Agriculture, Poverty, Poverty reduction, Public policy
The Political Economy of Program Enforcement: Evidence from Brazil 2017 Brazil, Economic development , Political economy Centre for Economic Policy Research
Public Spending 2017 Government Programs, Public expenditure, Social security , Sovereign debt
Beresford’s Revenge: British equity holdings in Latin America, 1869-1929 2017 International context, Market integration
Recesiones de México en los albores del siglo XXI 2017 Mexico, Recession Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Hacia una economía política de la competencia. La empresa transnacional 2017 Competitiveness, Political economy, Productivity Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Satisfaction with Democracy in Latin America: Do the Characteristics of the Political System Matter? 2017 Democracy, Electoral incentives, Latin America Universidad de la República - Uruguay
The Trade-Off between Reforms and Checks and Balances 2017 Latin America, Political institutions Universidad de la República - Uruguay
The Political Economy of Energy Subsidy Reform 2017 Energy, Political economy The World Bank
From Debt Collection to Relief Provision: 60 Years of Official Debt Restructurings through the Paris Club 2017 Debt, Macroeconomics , Public expenditure Inter-American Development Bank
The Role of Political Economy Analysis in Development Policy Operations 2017 Economic development , Political economy The World Bank
Documento de enfoque: Revisión del respaldo del BID a la política y la administración tributarias, 2007-2016 2016 Income inequality, Taxes Inter-American Development Bank
What Capabilities Do the New Innovation and Structural Change Policies in Uruguay Require? 2016 Innovation, Structural change, Uruguay Inter-American Development Bank