Politics and Economy

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Satisfaction with Democracy in Latin America: Do the Characteristics of the Political System Matter? 2017 Democracy, Electoral incentives, Latin America Universidad de la República - Uruguay
The Trade-Off between Reforms and Checks and Balances 2017 Latin America, Political institutions Universidad de la República - Uruguay
The Role of Political Economy Analysis in Development Policy Operations 2017 Economic development , Political economy The World Bank
Documento de enfoque: Revisión del respaldo del BID a la política y la administración tributarias, 2007-2016 2016 Income inequality, Taxes Inter-American Development Bank
What Capabilities Do the New Innovation and Structural Change Policies in Uruguay Require? 2016 Innovation, Structural change, Uruguay Inter-American Development Bank
Civil Conflict and Voting Behavior: Evidence from Colombia 2016 Colombia, Voting behavior Universidad del Rosario
The redistributive impact of government spending on education and health: Evidence from thirteen developing countries in the commitment to equity project 2016 Developing countries, Fiscal policy, Inequality, Social spending Tulane University
Rural Property Tax Revenue in the Face of Economic Concentration and Political Competition: Evidence from Colombia 2016 Colombia, Politics, Taxes CAF
Electoral reciprocity in programmatic redistribution: Experimental Evidence 2016 Electoral incentives National Bureau of Economic Research
Do Government Audits Reduce Corruption? Estimating the Impacts of Exposing Corrupt Politicians 2016 Corruption, Politics PUC Rio
The political economy of clean energy transitions at sub-national level 2016 Brazil, Climate change, Energy, Political economy
Evaluating policies to improve total factor productivity in four large Latin American countries 2016 Economic growth, Productivity
Employment Formalization in Argentina: Recurring and New Challenges for Public Policies 2016 Argentina, Informality, Labor regulation Munich Personal RePEc Archive
The Political Economy of Pension Reform: Public Opinion in Latin America and the Caribbean 2015 Pensions reform, Political economy, Public policy Inter-American Development Bank
Brazil’s 35 years-old quasi-stagnation: facts and theory 2015 Brazil, Dutch disease, Exchange rates, Interest rates, Investment São Paulo School of Economics FGV
On the Effects of Enforcement on Illegal Markets Evidence from a Quasi-experiment in Colombia 2015 Colombia, Crime, Illicit drugs production and trafficking The World Bank
From Financial Repression to External Distress: The Case of Venezuela 2015 Debt, Economic crisis, Taxes, Venezuela National Bureau of Economic Research
Soft Budgets and Renegotiations in Public-Private Partnerships: Theory and Evidence 2015 Public private partnerships, Public sector, Trade Universidad de Chile
How Much Anti-Money Laundering Effort is Enough? The Jamaican Experience 2015 Economic development , Money flows Inter-American Development Bank
La importancia del servicio civil en el desarrollo de capacidades estatales en América Latina 2015 Economic development , Latin America, Political economy CAF