Politics and Economy

Title Year All terms Produced by
On the Effects of Enforcement on Illegal Markets Evidence from a Quasi-experiment in Colombia 2015 Colombia, Crime, Illicit drugs production and trafficking The World Bank
From Financial Repression to External Distress: The Case of Venezuela 2015 Debt, Economic crisis, Taxes, Venezuela National Bureau of Economic Research
Soft Budgets and Renegotiations in Public-Private Partnerships: Theory and Evidence 2015 Public private partnerships, Public sector, Trade Universidad de Chile
How Much Anti-Money Laundering Effort is Enough? The Jamaican Experience 2015 Economic development , Money flows Inter-American Development Bank
La importancia del servicio civil en el desarrollo de capacidades estatales en América Latina 2015 Economic development , Latin America, Political economy CAF
Peru's Great Depression A Perfect Storm? 2015 Debt, Economic crisis, Fiscal deficit, Peru Peruvian Economic Association (PEA)
Dynamic and Strategic Behavior in Hydropower-Dominated Electricity Markets: Empirical Evidence for Colombia 2015 Colombia, Energy, Macroeconomic Policy, Regional disparities Banco de la República de Colombia
Effects of the U.S. Quantitative Easing on Latin American Economies 2015 Emerging markets, Impact evaluation, Latin America, Politics Peruvian Economic Association (PEA)
Fiscal Policy in Latin America: Lessons and Legacies of the Global Financial Crisis 2015 Financial crisis, Fiscal policy, Latin America International Monetary Fund
Who Cares About Childcare? Estimations of Childcare Use in Latin America and the Caribbean 2015 Childcare, Latin America and Caribbean Inter-American Development Bank
Sovereign Default, Debt Restructuring, and Recovery Rates: was the Argentinean “Haircut” Excessive? 2015 Argentina, Debt, Sovereign debt National Bureau of Economic Research
Varying Political Economy Weights of Protection: The Case of Colombia 2015 Colombia, Political economy, Trade, Trade Agreements International Monetary Fund
The accumulation of capital and economic growth in Brazil. A long-term prospective (1950-2008) 2015 Brazil, Capital flows, Economic growth, Investment, Productivity
Marco regulatorio y empresas públicas en Uruguay 2015 Patents, Public sector, Regulation, Uruguay Universidad de la República - Uruguay
A Tale of Two Latin American Congresses. Towards a Comparative Study of Institutionalization and Effectiveness 2015 Latin America, Political economy, Research Universidad de San Andrés
How well do we understand sovereign debt crisis? Evidence from Latin America 2015 Debt, Latin America, Sovereign debt
Comparative-historical Analysis of Aging Policy Reforms in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico 2015 Argentina, Chile, Developing countries, Elderly, Mexico Universidad Diego Portales
El tamaño del Estado y su impacto redistributivo en América Latina 2015 Inequality, Latin America, Public expenditure, Redistribution Fedesarrollo
Long-Run Effects of Democracy on Income Inequality Evidence from Repeated Cross-Sections 2015 Democracy, Inequality, Latin America The World Bank
Status of Implementation of the Almaty Programme of Action in South America 2015 Bolivia, Economic development , Land use, Latin America, Trade