Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness

Title Year All terms Produced by
Measuring Poverty in the Case of Buenos Aires: Why Time Deficits Matter 2016 Argentina, Fiscal policy, Income inequality, Poverty Levy Economics Institute
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Intergenerational mobility and the rise and fall of inequality: Lessons from Latin America 2016 Human capital, Inequality, Latin America
Higher education and the fall and rise of inequality 2016 Education, Inequality, Middle-income trap
Global Poverty Lines: An introduction 2016 Inequality, Poverty Tulane University
Reservation Wages and the Wage Flexibility Puzzle 2016 Job search, Wages London School of Economics
Inequality and Top Incomes in Uruguay: A Comparison between Household Surveys and Income Tax Micro-Data 2016 Income inequality, Uruguay Tulane University
Social Norms and Information Diffusion in Water-saving Programs:Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment in Colombia 2016 Social policy, Water
The Welfare Costs of Well-being Inequality 2016 Inequality, Welfare National Bureau of Economic Research
Más inclusión social: Lecciones de Europa y perspectivas para América Latina 2016 Latin America, Poverty, Social policy, Social protection Inter-American Development Bank
Are the Poor Protected from Budget Cuts? Theory and Evidence for Argentina 2016 Argentina, Poverty, Social spending
Living on the Edge: Vulnerability to Poverty and Public Transfers in Mexico 2016 Mexico, Poverty, Public finance The World Bank
Tackling Social Exclusion: Evidence from Chile 2016 Chile, Poverty, Social protection University College of London
Explaining Inequality and Poverty Reduction in Bolivia 2016 Bolivia, Inequality, Poverty reduction International Monetary Fund
Pobreza en la Argentina. Privaciones múltiples y asimetrías regionales 2016 Argentina, Inequality, Poverty
What is Different About Urbanization in Rich and Poor Countries? Cities in Brazil, China, India and the United States 2016 Brazil, Infrastructure, Poverty National Bureau of Economic Research
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Poverty and Inequality Dynamics in Manaus: Legacy of a Free Trade Zone? 2016 Brazil, Inequality, Poverty, Trade liberalization Paris School of Economics