Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness

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Colonizer identity, settlement conditions, and early mercantilism: do they matter for modern development? 2013 Economic growth, History and Economy, Political institutions, Social welfare
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On the origins of inequality in Chile 2013 Chile, Education, Inequality, Labor income
The socio-economic gradient of child development: cross-sectional evidence from children 6 - 42 months in Bogotá 2013 Childhood development, Colombia, Education, Inequality, Poverty
The longevity of famous people from hammurabi to einstein 2013 Economic development , Health, History and Economy
Crowding out or crowding in? Private investments in human capital under Conditional Cash Transfer programs 2013 Brazil, Conditional Cash Transfers, Human capital
Measuring impoverishment: an overlooked dimension of fiscal incidence 2013 Brazil, Fiscal policy, Poverty
Redistributive impact and efficiency of Mexico's fiscal system 2013 Fiscal policy, Mexico, Redistribution
The impact of taxes and social spending on inequality and poverty in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay: an overview 2013 Fiscal policy, Inequality, Latin America, Poverty
Inequality and household labor supply 2013 Employment, Gender inequality, Wage inequality
Assessing the distributive effects of the minimum wage 2013 Employment, Minimum wage, Uruguay, Wage inequality
Non-parametric analysis of poverty duration using repeated cross-section: an application for Peru 2013 Peru, Poverty, Poverty reduction, Statistics
Mega sporting events, real estate, and urban social economics – The case of Brazil 2014/2016 2013 Brazil, Housing markets, Infrastructure, Social policy, Social welfare
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