Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness

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The Rich Underreport their Income: Assessing Bias in Inequality Estimates and Correction Methods using Linked Survey and Tax Data 2018 Household finances, Income inequality, Inequality, Taxes Tulane University
Efficient Labor Supply for Latin Families: Is the Intra-Household Bargaining Power Relevant? 2018 Household finances, Labor market, Latin America Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
How Sensitive is Regional Poverty Measurement in Latin America to the Value of the Poverty Line? 2018 Latin America, Poverty Centro de Estudios Distributivos, Laborales y Sociales (CEDLAS)
Inequality, Social Distance, and Giving 2018 Inequality, Social protection, Social spending
Employer power, labor saving technical change, and inequality 2018 Job training programs, Labor market, Wage inequality Society for the Study of Economic Inequality (ECINEQ)
Reducing Inequality Through Dynamic Complementarity: Evidence from Head Start and Public School Spending 2018 Inequality, Public expenditure National Bureau of Economic Research
The distributive impact of income taxes in Brazil 2018 Brazil, Fiscal policy, Impact evaluation, Income inequality International Policy Center for Inclusive Growth
Pobreza monetaria y pobreza multidimensional. Análisis 2010-2017 2018 Colombia, Poverty Departamento Nacional de Planeación de Colombia
Integration of administrative records for social protection policies: contributions from the Brazilian experience 2018 Brazil, Poverty, Welfare International Policy Center for Inclusive Growth
Inferring Inequality with Home Production 2018 Household finances, Inequality, Labor supply University of Minnesota
Effects of Food Prices on Poverty: The Case of Paraguay, a Food Exporter and a Non-Fully Urbanized Country 2018 Food security, Inequality, Poverty Centro de Estudios Distributivos, Laborales y Sociales (CEDLAS)
Predicting Individual Wellbeing Through Test Scores: Evidence from a National Assessment in Mexico 2018 Mexico, Research, Welfare The World Bank
Servicios sociales para ciudadanos digitales: Oportunidades para América Latina y el Caribe 2018 Innovation, Latin America and Caribbean Inter-American Development Bank
Shared Prosperity: Concepts, Data, and Some Policy Examples 2018 Inequality, Poverty Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)
Inequality Measurement and the Rich: Why inequality increased more than we thought 2018 Income inequality, Inequality London School of Economics
De-Democratisation and Rising Inequality: The Underlying Cause of a Worrying Trend 2018 Democracy, Inequality London School of Economics
Social Preferences and Social Curiosity 2018 Inequality, Social security
Desigualdades en México 2018 2018 Inequality, Mexico El Colegio de México
Pobreza y Desigualdad. Informe Latinoamericano 2017. No dejar a ningún territorio atrás 2018 Inequality, Latin America and Caribbean, Poverty RIMISP Centro Latinoamericano para el desarrollo Rural
How We Can Save (for) Our Future 2018 Inequality, Poverty, Retirement, Saving