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Which team will win the 2014 FIFA World Cup? 2014 Latin America, Mega sporting events Universidad EAFIT
Home victory for Brazil in the 2014 FIFA World Cup 2014 Latin America, Mega sporting events, Statistics University of Innsbruck
Managerial Turnover: Coach Dismissals and Team Performance in Colombia 2013 Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Dollarization and the relationship between EMBI and fundamentals in Latin American countries 2014 Dollarization , Emerging markets, Latin America Universitat de Barcelona
Assessing the extent of democratic failures. A 99%-Condorcet’s Jury Theorem 2014 Democracy, Latin America, Voting behavior Universidad de Chile
The Evolution of Risk Premiums in Emerging Stock Markets: The Case of Latin America and Asia Region 2014 Exchange rates, Latin America, Stock market IPAG Business School
Fiscal Sustainability and Economic Growth in Bolivia 2014 Bolivia, Debt, Fiscal policy, Small open economy BBVA Research
External vulnerabilities and economic integration. Is the Union of South American Nations a promising project? 2014 Latin America, Regional Integration, Regional Trade Agreements Université de Lyon
The Dynamic Relationship between Stock Market Development and Economic Activity Evidence from Peru, 1965-2011 2013 Stock market Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú
A model of price search and ambiguity 2013
Information provision in procurement auctions 2013
Matching & information provision by one-sided and two-sided 2013
Financial intermediation in a global environment 2013 Assets, Banking, Financial crisis, Monetary policy
Inequality of opportunity, Income inequality and Economic mobility: some international comparisons 2013 Equality of opportunity, Income inequality, Social Mobility The World Bank