Top 5 Reserach Reviews of the 2016


In this section, we will present you the Top 5 Research Reviews of the year. In 2016 the most popular topics were related to Crime, Illicit drugs production and trafficking, Violence, Education, Emerging markets, Productivity in Latin America:

1. Evidence-based policies to reduce crime and violence in Latin America and the Caribbean, by Laura Jaitman and Stephen Machin.

2. Economic Analysis of Crime: Part I, by Sebastian Galiani and Laura Jaitman.

3. Mind the gap! Quantifying the skills challenge in Latin America and other emerging economies, by Angel Melguizo (OECD Development Centre) & Jose Ramon Perea (The World Bank). 

4. Learning: Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Incentives and Technology, by Sebastian Galiani.

5. On the Distributive Costs of Drug-Related Homicides, by Nicolás Ajzenman, Sebastian Galiani and Enrique Seira.

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