COVID-19 Webinars

During this troubled period, sharing knowledge is more important than ever. LACEA presents a webpage that lists websites of webinars on the pandemia. If you have suggestions of webpages that host relatively regular seminars, please send them to the LACEA secretary at Stay safe!

1. World Bank eSeminar Series

This seminar series hosted by the World Bank's Development Research Group brought together leading economists, public health experts, and other social scientists together with World Bank Group researchers to discuss emerging research on COVID-19 and its implications for development policy. Please check all the past seminars here!

2. Central Bank of Chile Webinars

The Central Bank of Chile launched its Webinar Series on Macroeconomics and Finance. Check here all the past.

3. Inter-American Development Bank's seminars

A series of webinars on different topics related to COVID-19. Access all the information here.

4. Sociedade Brasileira de Econometria

Os seminários SBE de Economia Aplicada têm como objetivo conectar pesquisadores brasileiros vinculados a programas de pós- graduação em economia no Brasil e exterior para debater pesquisas em microeconomia aplicada. Os seminários serão realizados todas as quartas-feiras, às 15h (horário de Brasília), por transmissão online na plataforma Zoom. Mais informações aqui

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