Impact of the COVID-19 crisis on loss of jobs and hours among domestic workers

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International Labour Office
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June 2020
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Conditions of Work and Equality Department

The pandemic has had a particularly dire impact on domestic workers around the world. At the beginning of June 2020, the number of COVID-19 infections had exceeded 7.3 million cases affecting most countries and territories.1 As the number of cases and fear of contagion has spread, so too have confinement measures. To facilitate physical distancing, most countries adopted either full or partial lockdown measures to prevent transmission. While domestic workers have suffered many kinds of impacts resulting from the pandemic, one of the main consequences of COVID-19 has been a reduction of working hours and, in some cases, a loss of jobs, resulting from fear and restricted mobility associated with confinement measures. This fact sheet provides a global and regional view of the proportion of domestic workers who either lost their job or saw their hours reduced during the lockdown period. The estimates look at the impact on both male and female domestic workers, as well as those in formal and informal employment.


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