Ecotourism in the Bolivian Amazon: An Attribute Analysis

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August 2016
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Carlos Solis
Felipe Vásquez Lavín
Roberto Ponce Oliva
Dragana Bojovic
Environmental Economics

At global scale, the relevance of tourism as an economic activity has been increasing in recent years; while in Bolivia, the activity showed sustained growth during the period 2000-2007. Among the different tourism activity types, ecotourism, and other types of allegedly sustainable tourism initiatives are gaining greater popularity. This paper analyzes the ecotourism market in a region characterized by the presence of indigenous communities within the Bolivian Amazon. The analysis includes the tourism demand characteristics, using choice experiments, as well as the expectations about the tourist services that indigenous communities would like to provide. The main conclusion of our study is that there is a gap between what the indigenous communities want to offer and what visitors actually demand.


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