The Impacts of Remote Learning in Secondary Education: Evidence from Brazil during the Pandemic

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Inter-American Development Bank
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June 2021
Paper author(s): 
Guilherme Lichand
Carlos Alberto Dória
Onicio Leal Neto
João Cossi
Education - Health

The transition to remote learning in the context of Covid-19 could lead to dramatic setbacks for school enrollment and learning outcomes, especially in developing countries – where a multiplicity of challenges, from limited connectivity to little support from parents, are bound to limit its effectiveness. To date, however, no study has rigorously documented the educational impacts of remote learning relative to in-person classes within primary and secondary education. Quantifying the extent of those losses, as well as the extent to which resuming in-person classes in the pandemic could at least partially offset them, is urgent, as governments worldwide strug- gle evaluating the trade-offs between the health and educational risks of reopening schools, with vaccination rates still dragging.


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