Social and Solidarity Economy as a tool for territorial development and socio-occupational inclusion

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June 2017
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Leandro Pereira Morais
Miguel Juan Bacic
Poverty - Inequality - Aid Effectiveness

Social and Solidarity Economy is a field growing in importance in the agenda of discussions and practices in a governmental context of public policies in their several entities, multilateral organizations, as well as among researchers of the area, in Brazil and around the world. The emergence of territorial policies of Social and Solidarity Economy represent an interesting case in the construction of a “new” area of local public action. In his view, the emergence of territorial policies of Social and Solidarity Economy offers a “historic opportunity” for the consolidation and renewal that gives Social and Solidarity Economy. In this sense, this article intends discuss the connections between Social and Solidarity Economy and territorial development and presenting the Program “Territories of Citizenship” in Brazil, which targets the promotion of economic development and the universalization of basic programs of citizenship, through a strategy of sustainable territorial development.


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