Foreign electricity companies in Argentina & Brazil: The case of American & Foreign Power (1926-1965)

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Department of Economics. University of São Paulo
Available from: 
October 2013
Paper author(s): 
Norma S. Lanciotti (Department of Economics. National University of Rosario)
Alexandre Macchione Saes (Department of Economics. University of São Paulo) –

The article analyzes the evolution, strategies and position of American & Foreign Power subsidiaries in Argentina and Brazil from their entry in the mid-1920s to their nationalisation. We compare the economic performance and entry strategies followed by the American holding in different host economies. We also examine the relations between the American electricity firms and the Governments of both countries, focusing on the debates and policies that explain American & Foreign Power's withdrawal from Argentina and Brazil in 1959-1965. Finally, the article reviews the role of foreign direct investment in the development of electric power sector in both countries. The study is based upon the Annual Reports and Proceedings of American & Foreign Power (1923-1963) and other corporate reports, Government statistics and official Reports from Argentina, Brazil and the United States.


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